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  • Hey, Ben. Hi.

  • Hey guys. How's it going?

  • Oh, it's fantastic, Conan. (laughing)

  • How you guys doing? We're okay.

  • It sounds like you're kind of a little bit crying.

  • Are you okay, Ben? Yeah.

  • I brought my boys with me here.

  • I'm doing great, I just can't believe this is real.

  • This is real, this is really happening.

  • This is really happening.

  • Just so to clarify for people who are listening

  • to the podcast, there's no visual here.

  • When he said, "I got my boys here"

  • he did not take out his testicles.

  • He held up two small dogs. Oh God, come on.

  • These are my Chill Chums. Oh, yes, your Chill Chums.

  • What are your dogs?

  • Those are two cute, little, scruffy dogs.

  • What are their names?

  • Yeah, so this is Teddy, the blonde one.

  • Yep. AKA Teddy Bear.

  • Yep. Aw.

  • But I was thinking of renaming him actually Kedakai.

  • Oh, Kedakai, very nice. Yes.

  • You're in the know.

  • "Kedakai, as God made her." As dog made him.

  • As dog, yes, there you go, there you go.

Hey, Ben. Hi.

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Conan Meets A Golden Ticket Winner's Dogs

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/29
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