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  • the Lakers are also in action.

  • Overall favorite to win the season title they take on M v P favorite Luca Don Kitchen, the Mavs will try to rebound from last night's loss.

  • Max scale up first.

  • Who is the most important player in this matchup?

  • I'm sorry, Molly.

  • Could you repeat it?

  • You cut out in the audio for a second?

  • Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • All good.

  • Who's the most important player in this matchup?

  • Max with the Lakers in the maps?

  • Yeah.

  • Most important player is Luca.

  • Luca is?

  • Yeah, the most important player is Luca Don Keech.

  • By the way, I don't think he played especially well last night.

  • Hey, can play better than that.

  • And what we're really looking for with Luca is a couple of things.

  • One.

  • You want that three point shot to fall a little better than it fell last year and he could shoot it.

  • But he took a lot of them and and it wasn't like he was hitting him in a great percentage.

  • And to you want to see his defense improve?

  • Um, he's already playing near M V P levels.

  • I expect him to win the M V P this season, but particularly without Porzingis, he's gonna have to do some team carrying.

  • As I mentioned, to start to show their an exceptionally well coached offensive team.

  • They they seem to have everything they need.

  • Or just about if Porzingis is in.

  • But they need Luca to be the best version of themselves and to continue to develop in order to get there.

  • Book.

  • Well, I have to disagree with you again, Max.

  • And I think it's gonna be Anthony Davis.

  • He's gonna He's gonna be the X factor in that game because no one on the Mavericks could guard him, even when even if they had a Zynga's, he still would have trouble guarding a d a d eats his lunch every single time, takes his lunch money every single time they match up.

  • So when you look at this matchup on Christmas Day, who's gonna stop him or you gonna put cle bone, you're gonna put pile on them?

  • No one has the answer for Anthony Davis on the Dallas Mavericks, so I'm looking for him tohave Monster Night on bounced back from his season opener, which I think he didn't play well at all.

  • I'm looking for him.

  • Toe.

  • Have a 30 20 type night on Christmas Day.

  • So Anthony Davis is the got to look for in that matchup.

  • In my opinion, well, I agree with you about the matchup.

  • Although Cleveland you could do worse than some of the guys that the Mavericks control.

  • No one's going to stop guy like Anthony Davis.

  • That's why he's a superstar on offensive players have a huge advantage, but in terms of teams that have long defenders who conduce, um, job like a good job on him or as good a job as you'd expect for role players toe to do.

  • I think the Mavs have some guys like that.

  • I mentioned Cleveland Dorian Finney, Smith.

  • Guys like that ain't gonna gonna match up with a D, but they're defenders without Kristaps Porzingis.

  • You're right.

  • A D should go get his.

  • Does that make him the most important player in the game?

  • Or does that make him a player who is fortunate that the other team doesn't have the guy most likely to match up with him?

  • Who?

  • Yeah, A D is better than KP, but But poor Zynga's is 7 ft three and can really play defense, and you also have to worry about him.

  • Worry about him on the other side of the off the court.

  • Therefore, Luca has the currency.

  • He has to be by myself for the Mavs to compete.

  • That's what I'm saying.

  • No, Max, I'm saying, because Anthony, No one could go to Anthony David, so he should go out there and dominate.

  • That's why I'm saying he is the most important player in this in this matchup, because no one could stop him on the Dallas Mavericks, so he should have it his way and carry the Lakers to their first win of the season.

  • You're you're making a prediction.

  • I agree with the prediction the Lakers should shorten, certainly the big favorites against the Mavs without for Zynga's.

  • I'm saying because of what you're pointing out.

  • Lucas importance to his team is heightened, like the Lakers match up like That's a pretty good game.

  • If you took a D out, if it was, let's say it was LeBron.

  • Let's say it was LeBron and cast and supporting cast with no idea.

  • It's still an interesting game.

  • You put a D in the game, it's a you know of course, the Lakers are going to be favored to win.

  • Naturally, I'm saying that's why Luca becomes so important to his team.

  • He's gotta be the best version of himself to compete.

  • I'm getting the sense that that you slid down the chimney and someone ate your milk and cookies when you got there.

  • K Perk your Your grumpy Today.

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the Lakers are also in action.

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Luka Doncic or AD: Who is the more valuable player in the Lakers vs. Mavs Christmas matchup?

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