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  • hundreds of migrants stranded in northwestern Bosnia has spent 1/4 night in freezing temperatures and squalid conditions after the camp that housed them burned down.

  • The U.

  • N and other international aid groups are urgently appealing to the authorities in Bosnia.

  • Hurts a governor to provide alternative shelter for the migrants.

  • They say people could die if they don't act soon.

  • I'm talking about okay.

  • They were already living in misery.

  • Then things got worse.

  • Freezing temperatures, no heat in a big tent and just plastic sheeting for a roof, one that threatens to cave in from snow piling up on top.

  • Some people here say they aren't even being regularly fed, that the weather is very cold and we can't sleep in here in here is not anything.

  • For example, no water, no toilet, no shower, no food without foot.

  • We are sleeping here with about 1200 refugees were relocated because their former camp burned down a few days ago.

  • The fire, allegedly set by frustrated occupants located near Bosnia's border with Croatia, the U.

  • N.

  • Camp at LIPA, was scheduled to be closed because Bosnian authorities allegedly ignored its appeals to help restore basic services.

  • The cold weather throw showers and toilets weeks ago, Bosnia has become a bottleneck for thousands of migrants hoping to reach Western Europe.

  • Those here try to get into the nearest you country, Croatia, though Croatian authorities have been loath to allow them entry and usually pushed back.

  • We'll go krisha pushing police beating and push back Bosnia Bosnia police wouldn't give him everything to for for our life, horrible go.

  • For now, there's still no solution in sight for these migrants who are in dire need of help and form or insight.

  • On this.

  • We're joined by Peter van der Vaart in the Western Balkans, coordinator of the International Organization for Migration.

  • Peter, thanks for speaking to us.

  • We've seen the misery these people are enduring.

  • Is anyone doing anything to help them?

  • Well, what we're seeing really is a political deadlock.

  • We have been asking, as I want and other international organizations and also the U, for the Bosnian authorities to identify an alternative location for the people that you just saw in LIPA, but also for the estimated 1, 500 people that were already sleeping outside in forest camps and in abandoned buildings.

  • And unfortunately, despite I think our collective best efforts.

  • No political agreement has been reached and today I don't expect any progress either.

  • And it's really a political issue because unlike in other humanitarian crisis is we actually have sufficient resources to immediately help all the people.

  • The only thing that we need is for the authorities to identify where these people can be properly house that we are ready to deploy within the next half an hour if such decision would be forthcoming.

  • And you know, we've seen this in other places like Lesbos, Greece, where once again a camp was apparently burnt down by the people living in it in a gesture of desperation, um, is a European Union to blame?

  • Therefore then for not taking action should mhm No, I I don't believe so.

  • The fire started after about we had decided to pull out of the camp because it was unsafe.

  • There were no basic services we've been asking for months from the authorities to connect the camp to the electricity grid and the water system so that we could winterize it so it could be a location where migrants could stay during the winter on bond.

  • Then a few migrants who were disgruntled because they had to leave lip without any alter.

  • The solutions, indeed, did set fire to attend.

  • But in this particular case, I do not believe that used to blame.

  • The U has Bean providing all the financial support to both there to governor take care of the migrants that are on its territory.

  • Let's not forget there are not that many.

  • In total 8000, that should not be a problem for a country of 3.5 million to deal with in the European Union, I think has done everything they can to provide financial resources.

  • But we need critical decisions where these migrants can be house in the problem, right?

  • And just very briefly, is there anything governments in the region or abroad can do to help the camp now?

  • Well, I think what they can do is to put pressure on the Bosnian authorities and, where necessary, help them to come to a consensus amongst different parties that on the one hand formed the state government but also a consensus between the central government and the lower level governments.

  • Beziers to governor is a very decentralized country, so I think that the country needs all the help it can get to come to a political consensus.

  • The money is there.

  • But we need a political consensus on how to move forward.

  • And as you've seen from the images, it is super urgent.

  • Thank you so much for that urgent indeed.

  • Peter Vendor, Our from the Western Balkans, coordinator of the International Organization for Migration.

  • Thank you for having me.

hundreds of migrants stranded in northwestern Bosnia has spent 1/4 night in freezing temperatures and squalid conditions after the camp that housed them burned down.

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Migrants in Bosnia face dire cold after camp burns down | DW News

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