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  • no European Union countries have started to assess the post.

  • Brexit, a trade deal reached with the UK on Christmas Eve 2000 page document still needs to be accepted by the British and European parliaments for long awaited agreement means that trade across the English Channel will remain tariff free.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's pleased with the deal, but it might just cause him a whole new set of headaches.

  • The doors of the U council close.

  • Britain has been estranged from the block since January, and now the trade deal is finalizing the divorce You ambassadors convened on Christmas Day to signal the start of approving the thousands of pages of fine print.

  • All member countries on Britain are expected to ratify the agreement.

  • The use Chief negotiator Michel Barnier expressed regret, saying there was no winner in Brexit on calling the separation a lose lose situation, while Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, made Mary exalting the agreement as his Christmas gift to the nation.

  • Because this is a deal, a deal to give certainty to business and travelers and all investors in our country from the first of January, a deal with our friends and partners in the EU, The agreement may have averted the economic chaos of a no deal Brexit.

  • But commentators warned that Britain may have opened a Pandora's box of troubles, not least Scottish dissatisfaction.

  • Most of us in Scotland would rather be part of the European Union than the British Union.

  • E thinks well, I'm thinking for myself, but there's a definite feeling that way.

  • I'm fatigue because it's been going on for so long.

  • It's happening now.

  • The ball's rolling.

  • I think we should just finish it.

  • Um but I do appreciate the people in Scotland, on the whole, actually wanted to stay in the EU.

  • Personally.

  • I would prefer Scotland to be part of Europe.

  • Eso that's the way I'm gonna future.

  • I'll vote for independence for Scotland to be part of the European Union and future.

  • There are already calls for a second independence referendum to be held in Scotland in the coming year on This is not the only unknown post Brexit.

  • The UK will be in completely uncharted territory.

  • Let's get more from DW correspondent Burgert Mass in London.

  • Welcome Birgit, How is the news of this deal being received there, A big sigh of relief feel for many in the country.

  • Many ordinary people are just happy that they don't have to hear anything about Brexit so much.

  • It was dominating the news, and it was polarizing the country, really quite tortuous over the last years.

  • For people, of course, who voted remain, who didn't want to leave the EU.

  • It's It's quite bitter.

  • Sweet, Um, they are not happy, but the deal prevented something worse.

  • You know, like we're chaos at the borders and and also more disagreements with the you and the future show.

  • So even people who voted remain overall relief that this has happened businesses well, they are relief that not tens of thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands of jobs, will be lost.

  • You too.

  • No deal.

  • So, you know, most people are happy that that the deal is done and that for now, its's quiet on the Brexit front.

  • Okay, that deals, of course, require a compromise on both sides who is feeling particularly hard done by well, people, of course, students.

  • They would have been not happy that they are not part of theory Rasmus program anymore, Andi.

  • Otherwise, some people who were very concerned about fishing so brexiteers that we're really fighting for more fishing rights.

  • This is an area where the British government had to compromise, and they started out with a much bigger ask.

  • But the bottom line is that even for even this, this deal allows British fishes fishermen to to fish much more freely in their own waters.

  • And after five years transition, there will be a renegotiation.

  • So even on on that front there is there is some, you know, some compromise.

  • Um, waas found off course.

  • You know, the deal is, is something that puts up trade barriers.

  • So the bottom line is that Britain economically was better off within the European Union, and Brexit altogether knocks a few percentages off the UK economy.

  • But without the deal, that would have been even worse.

  • So Britain leaves in less than a week.

  • Parliaments in the UK and in Europe will have to sign off on this deal.

  • Will the House of Commons go for it?

  • Well, yes, it's expected to be a fairly breezy this time, not the torturously scenes that we have seen.

  • When, when Brexit was debated in the House of Commons and voted on in the past years.

  • The labor opposition party says.

  • Even though it's thin, it's the alternative would be no deal, so they are voting for it.

  • So yes, expected to go through parliament without any major difficulties.

  • Thank you for that burger Massa in London.

no European Union countries have started to assess the post.

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Brexit trade deal: Win-win or lose-lose for EU & UK? | DW News

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