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  • with the coronavirus.

  • Divisive US Election A new conflicts in some parts of the world, 2020 has provided fertile ground for viral misinformation to spread.

  • Let's break down some of the key trends we've seen this year.

  • Conspiracy theories on bad health advice about coronavirus flooded social media, Some celebrities and politicians were key to the spread of misleading content.

  • Research showed that they were responsible for only a small proportion of false claims, but their posts accounted for nearly 70% of engagement on the Topic way Stop.

  • This deal started as a hashtag on US Twitter on Election Day, but went on to be used at protests breaking Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud.

  • Thousands demonstrated in the US because of this misleading narrative.

  • Election workers and officials in several U.

  • S.

  • States received verbal abuse on threats due to the false claims spreading online.

  • It has to stuck.

  • Someone's gonna get hurt.

  • Someone's gonna get shot.

  • Someone's gonna get killed on.

  • Such movements can easily go global.

  • Another online campaign by followers of the Q and on conspiracy theory hijacked the name of the well known charity Save the Children in the summer on mobilized rallies in more than 200 cities around the world within weeks.

  • Amidst the heightened emotions of a conflict, it's easy to fall for doctors on misleading visuals.

  • These were widely shared in confrontations across the globe, from clashes on the Chinese Indian border to the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno Carrabba.

  • It also happened when conflict broke out between Ethiopia's government and regional authorities integrate state In November, Way came across old edited images from Uzbekistan, Russia and Libya passed off as fighting in the GOP.

  • Many of these images were shared either toe boost morale or to present the enemy in a negative light.

  • Some of the images used weapons from other conflict and have been edited to look as if they belong to the current conflict.

  • And there was even a scene from a video game that was shared as if it was footage from actual fighting.

  • Misinformation is a truly global issue on it is here to stay.

  • But there is one thing we all can do to help curb its spread.

with the coronavirus.

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How bad information went viral in 2020 - BBC News

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