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  • Hi, I'm Alexander did area and I'm about to read some dreams that people tweeted about me.

  • This is tweet dreams.

  • E had a dream.

  • I was hanging out with Alexandra Addario and all we did was eat pancakes in the rain.

  • You would think that might deter us.

  • But no, that's so nice that people want to eat pancakes with me in the rain.

  • I love pancakes.

  • I wouldn't eat them in the rain, but that's very touching.

  • I'm touched.

  • Thank you so much to whoever dreamed that about me.

  • How to dream about Alexander D'Addario Exclamation point.

  • She was a superhero, only she was tiny.

  • She wore a blue and white vertical stripe overalls with a matching hat kind of superhero.

  • Is that?

  • Wow.

  • I mean, that's quite a character.

  • I can't imagine what kind of movie that would be if that were a really super hero.

  • Also, I appreciate the enthusiasm.

  • A lot of exclamation points.

  • That's nice.

  • Thank you.

  • I fell asleep watching the Texas Chainsaw remake and had a dream that Alexander D'Addario just put her hand up and was, like, no sir to a chain saw.

  • That would be a strange movie if that was actually what I did in that movie.

  • Good dream, though I had a dream last night about Alexander Dairy using my laptop to write something on Microsoft Word while we were waiting for a plane.

  • That sounds like we have a nice relationship.

  • We're hanging out.

  • We're traveling together, and I'm using your laptop.

  • You sound like a good boyfriend.

  • Oh, a nice girlfriend had a dream where I was in a curl contest with £3 weight to impress Alexander D'Addario against a legit bodybuilder.

  • Let's just say I didn't win.

  • But you know what?

  • I like that you tried.

  • I think that's really nice.

  • I don't need a man with muscles.

  • I'll tell you that, sir.

  • Or is this a woman is?

  • Well, I had a dream about Alexander Daria last night.

  • And my first thought was I wonder if she had a dream about me too.

  • I'm an idiot.

  • You're not an idiot.

  • If I knew who you were, I'm sure I dream about you.

  • I had a dream last night that I was in Aaron Carter's house.

  • I've never met Aaron Carter.

  • Maybe I've been reading too many stories about him, but if I met you.

  • I might dream about you too.

  • Even though I I don't know you.

  • The idea that people are dreaming about me in general is just amazing strangers.

Hi, I'm Alexander did area and I'm about to read some dreams that people tweeted about me.

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Tweet Dreams w/ Alexandra Daddario

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