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  • thanks for joining us, and we might as well start this thing off just at the thick of the drama with Harden and the Rockets.

  • So as it pertains to their game tomorrow against the Blazers, where the Rockets stand with Harden well, James Harden is actually, uh, scheduled to play in that game.

  • The Rockets are flying to Portland tonight.

  • They'll do so with, uh, perhaps only really eight players.

  • They could play in the game against the Blazers tomorrow.

  • They do have an injured player who is on the roster.

  • Um, but Chris Clemons, who can't play but a combination of contact tracing positive coronavirus tests, uh, in Houston, you know, his limiting, uh, their roster.

  • Obviously, they couldn't play against Oklahoma City the other night, But Harden is expected to make his season debut along with Rockets debut against the Blazers.

  • And then they play again, Uh, Monday night in Denver.

  • Now whoa, James Harden has keeps adding more and more teams to where he would like to be traded, but they still have him for two seasons.

  • How long do you think this standoff could continue?

  • I think it has a chance to continue into the foreseeable future.

  • The You know, the Rockets?

  • No, that to make a James Harden trade, you know, they've got to get maximum value back in the trade market.

  • They don't need to rush this process.

  • I mean, obviously they do have him under contract for two more years.

  • They don't want this cloud to hang over them.

  • It is a difficult situation in Houston right now for them to function.

  • But I think as an organization, you know, they know that they can't do a bad deal.

  • And right now the deals that they see out there in the marketplace feel like they're not good enough.

  • And I think they hope that those those offers will improve.

  • Listen, as teams get into the season and teams maybe on, you know, maybe they've over estimated the group they had.

  • Maybe they see, maybe they start to feel a little pressure to really dramatically improve their team.

  • You know, offers improved in that way, But of course, there's other teams, like like, let's say, a Brooklyn who gets off to a great start who likes the chemistry, likes the group they have.

  • Maybe they become, uh, maybe a little more hesitant T get seriously or remain seriously in talks.

  • But the Rockets?

  • No, that they still have time on their side.

  • But it is.

  • It's not a healthy environment right now in Houston, and they know the sooner they make a trade, the better.

  • They just They just know they have to make the right one.

  • We'll keep a nigh on that, for sure.

  • Now Adam Silver mentioned earlier this week, there is possibility of the MBA expanding.

  • Do you have any thoughts or what that would look like for the MBA's future?

  • Well, I think it's still, uh, not necessarily in the foreseeable future.

  • I think it's still years away.

  • Listen for owners and for the league, it is a big financial.

  • There's a big financial benefit for a team to pay to come into the league.

  • That could be a much US four or $5 billion in that shared among.

  • You know, that entrance fee is shared among the other owners, and especially with the revenue that's been lost during the pandemic on band playing a season now without fans.

  • For the most part around league, you know that economic value certainly eyes impactful and you know Seattle is a market that looms out there is, you know, very formidable, eh?

  • NBA City.

  • It's got great tradition history, and and now has an arena, uh, situation in place that would allow them to play.

  • And so certainly e think you'll hear more talking and more enthusiasm from From certainly the Seattle, uh, side and from Seattle about trying to get back in this league.

  • But I still think e think is Adam Silver set and talking to some owners around the league thistles?

  • Not.

  • I don't think this is an imminent or or a near term addition to the league.

  • Okay, so since we're on the subject of possible changes this year, we got the N B A on December 22nd.

  • Great, we got the MBA back.

  • They've been talking about starting the n B a season on the 25th on Christmas Day.

  • How likely is that toe happen?

  • Moving forward?

  • I don't think it's likely.

  • I think the league very much wants to get back on their traditional schedule.

  • And I think pushing, uh, you know, pushing the end of the season into summer e think they saw last year.

  • Now that you've got pushed all the way into the fallen up against football.

  • Which is not ideal, I think.

  • But for the N B a.

  • Their goal and and starting this season right before Christmas, ending it before the Olympics in July, uh, the hope is that they get back onto their traditional regular season schedule.

  • Regular season playoff schedule for 2021 22.

  • So woe unsure what your best Christmas gift was today, but I would say ours is having you on who screams today.

  • Thank you so much for joining us.

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thanks for joining us, and we might as well start this thing off just at the thick of the drama with Harden and the Rockets.

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