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  • there's more evidence tonight of the intense pressure on the NHS.

  • This curve in 19 infections continue to rise right across the UK learned.

  • An ambulance service says Boxing Day was one of the biggest ever days in its history, with many calls due to the usual winter pressures but compounded by the coronavirus on in Scotland, doctors say health services could be overwhelmed if the relax ation of covert restrictions for Christmas triggers a surge in cases.

  • The warnings come as the latest government figures show the number of new infections is increasing.

  • There were 30,501 new cases recorded in the latest 24 hour period, but the true number is likely to be higher.

  • A Some parts of the UK haven't reported their numbers.

  • 316 deaths were recorded of people who died within 28 days of a positive co vid 19 test, taking the total across the UK to 70,700 on 52 with MAWR on the strain on the NHS.

  • Here's our correspondent Sangeeta Miska.

  • Hospitals and other frontline services are under mounting pressure tonight in some parts of the UK That's the warning from the NHS.

  • The BBC has learned that student paramedics and two other ambulance services outside the capital have been called in to assist after a sharp rise in calls.

  • The London Ambulance Service says that yesterday Boxing Day was one of its busiest ever, with calls up by Mawr than 50% compared to last year.

  • I never want to say that the NHS is going to be overwhelmed because we see HS being endlessly innovative and ingenious in how it can actually manage to spread incredibly thin resorts.

  • But I think it's worth remembering that things are incredibly challenging.

  • Meanwhile, the Welsh government has described the NHS there is stretched to the limit on working to full capacity annual illnesses.

  • Staff shortages in the rapid spread of the new coronavirus variant yesterday led Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to tweet this stark appeal are critical Care Department is urgently looking for assistance from medical students and other staff groups who've previously supported pro ning patients.

  • The art of pro ning patients and that is about moving patients when they're in intensive care from their backs onto their stomachs and vice versa on this process is quite heavy, heavy lifting involves 5 to 7 individuals, medical students and others answered the call in large numbers on the health board later tweeted that while staffing remained challenging, the critical care unit remains open in Scotland.

  • Conditions.

  • Air issuing mawr warnings this time that the NHS could be overwhelmed.

  • Mainland Scotland is now in Tier four restrictions.

  • The new, faster spreading variant, combined with the temporary easing of restrictions on Christmas Day, could, they say, have created the perfect storm for an NHS that is already overstretched.

  • Sangeeta.

  • There are so many people hoping the rollout of vaccines will help with ALS.

  • This look, undoubtedly, the national immunization program will have a part to play in solving this problem.

  • We already know that we've got over 600,000 people in the UK immunized already.

  • And of course, we've also heard the news today that the Oxford scientists are hoping that their vaccine will be approved this week for use.

  • But Clive this is a complicated picture.

  • There are three factors play that have created this pinch.

  • 30.1 is NHS.

  • Staff themselves have been treating covered patients who picked up the virus andare themselves either self isolating or shielding.

  • We've also got the usual winter illnesses that at any time will put pressure on the NHS.

  • And finally, we have this highly infectious variation off the virus which is now spreading across the UK So what does that mean?

  • What?

  • It means that in the short term theme NHS will remain under huge pressure.

  • Okay, Sangeeta.

  • Thank you.

  • Sangeeta!

  • Myskina.

there's more evidence tonight of the intense pressure on the NHS.

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