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  • look, you are above all apparent, right?

  • You have a son who is playing in the MBA, Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • During a pandemic.

  • So before I ask you about the league or about yourself or anything else, what is it like being an MBA father right now, knowing that these guys are gonna be out there in the world, I gotta be telling everybody, all my friends, my family and be like, what?

  • You know how, Tim dealing with this, How you know, the other ballplayers, doing what I said.

  • Hey, n B A has the best situation.

  • They understand exactly what they need to do.

  • And the only thing that you guys want to do is follow.

  • What the what the rules are, you know, don't deviate from the rules because you you put your teammates, your your organization and other teams at risk.

  • That's my son.

  • He's, um he's good with that.

  • He's good with following rules and understanding what, how to be safe and what he needs to do to be safe.

  • Well, look, if I had you for a dad, I would follow the rules.

  • I'm just saying I have seen you out there, so I I believe you about Tim Jr.

  • What are your expectations for the Mavericks this season?

  • What do you think you're gonna see?

  • Um, you know, if they stay healthy, Sky's the limit.

  • You know, pausing is coming back the middle of January.

  • You know, Tim has two.

  • He's been healthy er than he ever has been.

  • Um, he's 100% healthy.

  • He's playing like he's at 100%.

  • He's as athleticism is back.

  • His confidence level is back.

  • His versatility is back.

  • Lucas Lucas, I was gonna say you got to get to the most important name of that roster.

  • No offense to your bloodline, Tim, but come on, Luca Dodgers.

  • Hey, you know, I think everybody knows that it doesn't run without Luca.

  • Now, you know, I you know, even though you know I'm biased and everything, I want my son to excel and everything have a great season.

  • But, you know, everything runs through Luke and Luca is, uh, MVP candidate, the favorite to win M v p, which he should be.

  • He goes out there and throws up a triple double each and every night.

  • He plays the way he supposed to play against his team involved.

  • He gives him a chance to win.

  • And another thing is, Ah, lot of people don't understand.

  • We can and we consent, continually talk about this.

  • The guy he knows how to play because he's been in this situation since he was 12, 13 years old.

  • He's been playing pros and an impression situation since he was 12 and 13 years old.

  • So this doesn't faze him.

  • Nothing rattles him.

  • If you try to beat him up, beat him up, beat him up.

  • He's that big guy physical, 69 Did he go down and and take a little bit and hit you with some stuff, too, and make place?

  • You know, last year if they would have stayed healthy, they would have came in, I say 3rd, 4th or maybe fifth and Western Conference.

  • So I'm looking at that same type of play this year.

  • If they stay healthy Well, Tim, I like you given Luca his do, because sometimes the old heads let's listen.

  • I'm not gonna lie.

  • Sometimes they do not like the young kids in the league, especially the Europeans coming over.

  • So thank you for Judge and Luca on the merits.

  • It is what it is, you know.

  • And that's the truth, you know?

  • I mean, some guys don't like, you know, they like to sugar coat.

  • I'm gonna tell you the truth.

  • Look.

  • A guy that reckoned when and he should be in VP candidate nineties basketball got a huge resurgence when the last dance was on TV.

  • Everyone wanted to know everything about all y'all's business.

  • What was that like for you in the middle of a pandemic?

  • In one of the craziest years ever.

  • Everyone wants to know all about what happened in 19 nineties basketball.

  • All of a sudden it was great.

  • It was some of the best basketball, I think in the world in the universe, man.

  • It was fierce competition out there.

  • Each and every night you had to bring it.

  • And what made I think we're made nineties basketball was the physicality off, how you had to play and how you had to understand and really, really, really, uh, teach yourself and watch other teams how they will play you and how you can play against them and how you can stop them.

  • You just had to be a student of the game.

  • You have to learn Ah, lot of things about the game, and you have to work on your game.

  • It was just intense basketball, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

  • I love the The competition in the nineties against Jordan gets Reggie Miller against the Knicks against Kobe.

  • You know, against my best friend's Mitch Richmond.

  • Chris Mullins.

  • You're I just enjoyed the nineties.

  • Absolutely.

  • Tim, thank you so much for being here.

  • I love talking about the old days with you and the new look as to we appreciate it.

  • And I know you will be in front of your television on Christmas Day with your Mavericks gear on.

  • No question.

  • With my maverick skills on my Golden State Warriors gear on and my Miami Heat gear that's right, Christmas Day was basically built for Tim Hardaway.

  • Thanks so much.

  • No question.

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

look, you are above all apparent, right?

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