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  • Titans and Packers, especially at home.

  • The same.

  • See what I did, Roger.

  • Let it bleed over into this one.

  • Packers gonna beat the Titans.

  • The Titans are a good team, but the Titans and the Colts and the Browns are all teams to one degree or another that you just don't believe in at a Super Bowl level, right?

  • You just don't think they can win a Super Bowl?

  • Um, they could win a playoff game.

  • They, but they're all about evenly matched Titans.

  • Colts.

  • Brown's off those three.

  • I like the Titans the best, because I most believe in Tannehill compared to Baker, Mayfield or Philip Rivers at this point in his career.

  • But I don't believe in Tannehill or even and and the run game to get great run blocking.

  • They have Derrick Henry the way I believe in Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers right now, if the season ended today would be the M V p of the league, and I have to believe at home he will be too much, particularly with his receivers.

  • Right now, he's gonna be too much for the Titans and the Packers defense has come along as the season has progressed the Packers gonna beat the Titans.

  • I'm taking the Saints at home taking the package.

  • Colts and Steelers.

  • The Steelers, however, even though they seem to be in free fall, and I don't think is there as bad as everyone thinks they are, this is a bad matchup for them.

  • This is like the Colts come place, um, defense.

  • And and given the offensive problems on the Steelers right now, I really do think that the A F C North will come down to the final game of the season that were least week 17 Steelers Browns.

  • And that is because I think the Colts beat the Steelers.

  • The Steelers are not playing well right now.

  • The Colts are, and furthermore, though they both have ancient quarterbacks from the same class, by the way, Rivers and Roethlisberger.

  • And by the way, I think if you asked most people who was the best quarterback out of the Eli Roethlisberger, uh, Rivers class, Eli went first, Rivers went forth and Roethlisberger went ninth or 10th.

  • I want to say, Andi, I would say Roethlisberger, probably most people were saying at this moment in their careers, I think I still take Roethlisberger over Rivers as bad as Roethlisberger's looked recently.

  • Um, but the Colts beat the Steelers.

  • The defense is playing well in the Steelers off Giants at Ravens.

  • Okay, I'm forced to take the upset here because my Giants cannot get to the playoffs if they lose to the Ravens.

  • And I'm gonna say Daniel Jones is gonna come and play and his mobility will be better than it was against Arizona.

  • And the Giants defense is gonna home in on Lamar Jackson.

  • And somehow, against all odds, the Giants go on the road and upset the Ravens to set up a last week showdown against the Cowboys for the NFC East crown.

  • I think it will come down to the Giants beating the Cowboys, and I need a little help from Washington because if they finished with the same record is the Giants Giants on the tiebreaker, beat the Washington franchise twice.

  • Max, double double digit underdogs.

  • You sure you want to do this on national radio?

  • I'm doing it on national radio.

  • I have faith in my G men in Big Blue.

  • I'm not going to abandon them now.

  • If Daniel Jones doesn't play, that's a different story, but I'm banking on Daniel Jones playing and playing well, Eagles and Cowboys.

  • Let me tell you something.

  • The Cowboys.

  • Every time you leave them for dead, they pop up a little bit and they go Not in this NFC East.

  • You can't leave him for dead.

  • But I But I gotta tell you that Doug Peterson.

  • I said, get rid of Peterson.

  • Get rid of everyone on the Eagles associated with this mess.

  • Uh, that the team has become starting with Carson Wentz, if you can, because he had a very hard to contract to trade.

  • Get rid of Howie Roseman.

  • The GM.

  • Get rid of Doug Peterson, the coach, because Peterson was coaching in such a way that told me he wanted to get out of there, right?

  • But no, he was just frustrated with whence.

  • I think no, Peterson's a hell of a coach.

  • Look at that team.

  • Looks like when anyone but Carson Wentz is the quarterback.

  • I think the Eagles are a much better team than we gave them credit for, and Doug Peterson is a much better coach, and as soon as you have a competent quarterback in there, look what happened.

  • They beat the Saints the hottest defense in the league.

  • They followed it up with a good performance against the solid team.

  • I think they beat the Cowboys.

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Titans and Packers, especially at home.

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