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  • Joe and Bella.

  • Stories number nine Exam time.

  • It was exam time, Ajo School.

  • Every day there, Teacher gave him loads of homework and told them they should be working hard so as to do well in their tests.

  • Joe didn't take any notice.

  • He reckoned he would rather be playing football.

  • He didn't care if he came bottom in the exams.

  • His mom and dad told him that he should be working harder.

  • But the weather was sunny and Joe had better things to do.

  • Shall we go to the park?

  • He said to his friend Finn one afternoon.

  • We could take a football and have a kick around.

  • Finn shook his head.

  • I need to revise, he said.

  • I'm going home to do some maths.

  • Joe was amazed.

  • You'd rather do maths than football.

  • Maths is important.

  • Besides, my mom says she'll buy me a mountain bike.

  • If I do well, that's crazy, said Joe.

  • Finn shrugged.

  • Wait until I beat you in the test and you watch me riding past on my mountain bike.

  • You won't beat me, said Joe.

  • Oh yes, I will.

  • Oh, no, you won't just you wait and see.

  • For the first time ever Joe wanted to do well.

  • He couldn't bear it.

  • A fin came top and he did badly.

  • So when he got home, he opened his maths book.

  • There was so much to do.

  • Suddenly he felt like he'd for gotten everything he'd learned that year.

  • He couldn't think where to start.

  • He was still sitting there when Bella came in chasing Casper the Kitten.

  • You don't look happy, she said.

  • Your mouth is also bad.

  • You wouldn't be happy either if you had to learn all this maths, said Joe.

  • I would just use my magic pencil.

  • It always gets the right answer.

  • That's silly.

  • There's no such thing as a magic pencil.

  • Yes, there is.

  • Look, I'll show you.

  • Bella ran out of the room and came back carrying a shiny silver pencil with a fluffy unicorn stuck toe.

  • One end.

  • What a silly thing, thought Joe.

  • But Bella was beaming on.

  • He didn't want to hurt her feelings, so he picked up the pencil and looked at the maths question.

  • To his surprise, he saw the answer straight away.

  • After that, Joe worked hard every evening On the day of the maths test, Bella said, You can use my magic pencil if you like.

  • No way I don't need your pencil, said Joe Rudely.

  • He was thinking about how much his friends would laugh if he came to school with a fluffy unicorn pencil.

  • Bella was cross all right, then.

  • I'm not lending it to you.

  • Fine by me.

  • When Joe arrived at school, everyone was talking about how much work they had done.

  • Finn kept grinning at him.

  • The look that said, I'm coming top just you wait and see.

  • Joe began to panic.

  • He sat down at his desk, opened the test paper on, felt like he couldn't do a single question.

  • There was a knock at the door.

  • What is it?

  • Bella asked.

  • Joe's teacher were busy.

  • Now, just something Joe forgot, said Bella.

  • Before anyone could stop her, she skipped over and put her magic pencil on Joe's desk.

  • She grinned at Joe.

  • As she left, Joe picked up the pencil.

  • He looked at the fluffy unicorn on, could feel himself calming down.

  • He knew it wasn't really magic, but somehow he could dual the maths questions.

  • After all, when the results came out, Joe had done even better than thin.

  • Well, John said, Mom, I knew you could do well.

  • If you tried, we could go to a movie to celebrate, and you can choose which one I think Bella should choose.

  • Joe said I'd never have done it without her magic pencil.

  • Oh!

Joe and Bella.

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Exam time - The Storytellers

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