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  • But they had until about Monday, the day before the season, to get this thing done on this initial deadline.

  • And Yannis took up to about, I don't know, six days until that deadline, which sounds like six days.

  • But it's less than a week with all that money on the line, So can you kind of take us into why the process I'm going to use the word quote unquote took so long for yacht?

  • Well, this isn't a decision that ah player can necessarily come by easily unless that person is saying, You know what?

  • I see everything that I want on one side of this equation.

  • And Zubin, you and I both know Yonas has loved Milwaukee and has proclaimed that love for Milwaukee for a long time.

  • He also has said over and over again that he wants to win.

  • There may be nothing more important to him other than his family than wanting to win on the basketball court.

  • And so weighing all of that is how Yanis came to this careful, deliberate decision.

  • Also, he's not someone to be rushed.

  • He said that when he spoke to reporters during media week, he said he's going to take his time.

  • He also said he was going to differ to his agent, Alex Surratt's to help him make this decision.

  • He is a careful person, but now that he has signed, what Milwaukee fans should feel good about is clearly Yanis didn't just see this as some sort of signing out of loyalty.

  • He wants to win.

  • Bad enough that this is also saying yes.

  • I believe the off season moves.

  • We made our good enough toe win in this next five year window.

  • Mallika.

  • How big is this for the Milwaukee Bucks?

  • How big of a deal is this?

  • Not only for the Bucks, but also the city.

  • It's a huge deal.

  • I mean, you have to remember that this is a player, I think, all the way back to when he was a rookie.

  • He would send as much money as he possibly could overseas to Greece for his family.

  • And so he was literally running to the arena sometimes when he didn't have money for a cab fare and the people of Milwaukee would pull over and they would give him a ride to the arena.

  • This is a guy who loves the city that he has grown up in a basketball sense in.

  • He also said last summer, when he was marching hand in hand.

  • Excuse me last spring when he was marching hand in hand with the people of Milwaukee, that this is a city that he wants to see molded into a place that he wants to raise his 10 month old son, Liam, in with his girlfriend, Mariah.

  • And so there.

  • There may not be that many stars that have that specific relationship with Milwaukee, like or with a city like Yannis does with Milwaukee Wi Legal.

  • We've seen several players in the last couple, uh, years signed Supermax deals, but they don't lived through those Supermax deals.

  • They move on after two or three years.

  • Could this potentially happen with Yannis?

  • I mean, anything is possible, right?

  • We It's too early to rule anything out, but I haven't spoken to Yana since he signed the Supermax contract.

  • That being said after covering him for the last nearly three years, I do know that he is a guy who likes to go in with clear intentions.

  • I do not believe you honest to be someone who wants to sign on the dotted line without some sort of intention of living up to his word That has always been very important to him.

  • And so that should be some solace that he is trying to make it work.

  • He said in his instagram post that this is home.

  • He wants the show to go on and he wants to win a championship.

  • So if all of those things can happen, this could be a Damian Lillard type situation where you see that sort of rare loyalty between a star and their city.

  • Mallika, Let's go to the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Why did Kyrie Urban decided to end his media boycott?

  • You'd have to ask Kyrie that he just showed up one day.

  • We weren't necessarily expecting him to be the person.

  • Usually we get a text from the team PR saying, Who would you like?

  • But on Monday morning we sat down and all of a sudden Kyrie was there.

  • He felt like speaking that day, and he said that he didn't want anybody, not just reporters, too.

  • Take what he calls his art and have any disparaging comments about that.

  • And so that's why he needed that break is what he said.

  • And he said he didn't want any distractions from what was going on, what they are quote unquote building within this organization.

  • And he wanted to be the one to deliver that message.

  • It seemed Mallika.

  • There was a video that went viral over the last couple of days of Karl Anthony towns during the intros of the Minnesota Timberwolves games.

  • Uh, literally just crying.

  • Um, he lost his mom, Jackie Dickov it.

  • His father, Carl Sr.

  • Had Covic.

  • How difficult of a time has it been for Karl Anthony towns?

  • I mean, it's it's been undescribable e difficult J.

  • I, Karl Anthony towns and I are right about the same age, and I cannot imagine losing my mother, let alone six additional family members to the coronavirus.

  • I was sitting there when Karl Anthony Towns spoke to reporters for the first time since his mother passed away and he was asked, Is basketball going to be some sort of therapy for you?

  • And he said, no.

  • He doesn't think it's ever going to be again, because when he is on that court, he's used to looking at the baseline.

  • He's usedto looking off in the stands and seeing his mother, Jacqueline crews there, cheering and screaming and yelling, And this is a family affair, and that is always going to be now a hole for him, he said.

  • And so there is no solace.

  • He was sitting there, as as his coach said after the game, knowing that the minute he stepped on the court it would become rial that he would be playing without his mom there.

  • And to go through that in your mid twenties is something I cannot even fathom.

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But they had until about Monday, the day before the season, to get this thing done on this initial deadline.

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