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  • I was impressed that he stood there, were in that case, sat there and address the situation directly and took questions which frequently at times, even in that organization, that level of accountability is not always available.

  • So I will give him credit for that.

  • Having said that, Luis, what are your thoughts on this situation and where it goes from here?

  • Yeah, man, Look, I couldn't be more disappointed, to be perfectly honest with you.

  • This is a guy who I have had a lot of hope for.

  • A lot of I put a lot of support behind because I do think he is a wonderful talent as far as playing quarterback is concerned.

  • But something is not right as far as the choices that he's making the attention to detail that he is administering in his career and how this is all meshing together down there and look, I know look, I have been very critical of the organization itself in terms of how they arrived at the decision to draft him and the subsequent support or lack thereof that they have put behind him.

  • And I think that's been well documented on my behalf.

  • But these kind of decisions right here at this point in time in the season, given the landscape that we're dealing with from a societal perspective are just unexcusable you've been given an opportunity to play again because Alex has hurt.

  • Your team is in the thick of the playoff hunt.

  • You're a captain, you know that.

  • You have a lot of scrutiny on you because of things that have happened before and the fact that you're black quarterback and people are gonna hold you to a higher standard whether you like it or not.

  • And you still make these kind of decisions knowing that you're putting yourself at risk, your teammates at risk, everyone that's around you at risk and you still make that kind of decision.

  • That's just it's just unfathomable to me that you could do that, and it's very disappointing.

  • I'm hoping it's something he could learn from because his future to me is not gonna be in Washington.

  • But this is extremely, extremely disappointing for me.

  • De What?

  • What do you thought?

  • Yeah, listen, I I hate to pile on, but I have to echo a lot of things that Lewis just just said, you know, I mean think about this.

  • He's, you know, Ron Rivera comes in.

  • He's not Ron Rivera's guy.

  • Ron Rivera brings over Kyle Allen from, um, you know, from the Carolina Panthers.

  • So that should have let him know right off the bat that you know what everything that I get.

  • I have to earn.

  • I have to earn that and you got on the field because of injury.

  • Thio.

  • You know Alex Smith.

  • And here it is.

  • Your team is fighting for a playoff spot.

  • You lose a tough game to the Seattle Seahawks, and then you go out and do something like that in the middle of a pandemic, like it just makes me think, like, what is your What is your thought process?

  • What do you thinking?

  • What's your priority as as a player as a captain, you know, for the Washington football team, it just, um, it's just very It's very disappointing.

  • Shafting.

  • What are your thoughts?

  • As far as the future is concerned, in particular for Dwayne, well, here's the thing.

  • Greeny.

  • It's not the first time he's made a decision like this this season.

  • Earlier this season, he was fine for trying to sneak guests into a hotel while the Washington football team was on the road.

  • And he said at that point time he was gonna learn from it.

  • And then this happens.

  • And when you speak to people around the organization, they say he's very likable and people enjoy being around him.

  • But I think a lot of people think at this point time that it might be best for Dwayne Haskins to have a change of scenery, to get away from the area where he went to high school, to get away from some of the people who have been in his life, to get away from some of the people that have guided him here, to make a break and to go toe a area where he would get a fresh start with different people with different voices in his ear.

  • That's the long term future.

  • Short term, by the way.

  • They may need him this Saturday because it's not a sure that Alex Smith is gonna be starting due to his calf injury.

  • I think there's a sense that Dwayne Haskins is gonna wind up starting Saturday against Carolina in a game that Washington must win toe win the NFC East and what a story line that would be in a week in which he is fine and has his captaincy taken away.

  • Now he's gotta win the game for a team trying to win the NFC East against Ron Rivera's former team, the Carolina Panthers.

  • So there are any number of storylines there.

  • Let's see how it plays out.

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I was impressed that he stood there, were in that case, sat there and address the situation directly and took questions which frequently at times, even in that organization, that level of accountability is not always available.

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I couldn't be more disappointed in Dwayne Haskins - Louis Riddick | Get Up

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