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  • of all the things going on in sports right now, the most impactful one that is gonna happen in the next, I think couple of weeks is the trading of James Harden.

  • I believe James Harden of the Rockets is going to be traded.

  • I said this yesterday, and then perhaps not coincidentally, I heard a whole bunch of other people saying it later in the day.

  • And that is that the James Harden has already left Houston.

  • They just don't know it yet.

  • They need to trade him A s, A p.

  • This doesn't get better.

  • It gets worse from here for the Rockets.

  • They need to make a deal as quickly as they can.

  • And there was a there was and is a terrific piece on ESPN, plus by Bobby Marks that I strongly recommend you read that lists the top landing spots for James Harden and what it would take to get him.

  • And here they come.

  • This this in a nutshell, we sort of distilled it down.

  • So these are all of the details, but figuring trades that reasonably could happen and factoring in the money, which, as we all know, is the most important piece of this, and Bobby Marks gets it better than anybody.

  • These are the most interesting and reasonable landing spots for James Harden.

  • At number five, we will put the Miami Heat.

  • The Miami Heat deal would be centered around Tyler Hero Tyler hero, and they'd have to throw in Andre Iguodala and Kelly Olynyk assed part of the deal in order to make the money work.

  • That would be a fascinating deal for Harden.

  • Toe Wind up in Miami would completely change what they have, and him and Jimmy Butler together would be a really interesting pairing.

  • But that's just always a place that players air generally interested in going.

  • So we will see that to me, seems like the fifth most interesting possibility.

  • The fourth most interesting possibility is Boston, and the trade that Bobby Marks puts together would include Kemba Walker, Jalen Brown, Marcus Smart that would be in the Celtics, and Danny Ainge sort of packing in this little time here.

  • I believe that the Celtics have the makings of a championship team.

  • I do because I think Jason Tatum is an MVP caliber player.

  • Jalen Brown, I think, is coming into his own both as a human being, but also has a terrific player.

  • Marcus Smart is one of those Dennis Rodman esque Draymond Green s kind of guys who just does Aled these little things that help you win games.

  • Honestly, I think the Celtics could win the championship this year or could at least win the East this year without James Harden.

  • I don't think if I'm them, I'm making that deal.

  • That's just me.

  • Not that Harden isn't a better player than those guys.

  • But I think the Celtics should keep this core together and try and win a championship.

  • Whether that's just me, the third most interesting possibility, and I only listed at third because I think it's impossible to imagine it happening is Golden State.

  • I just cannot fathom the Rockets trading James Harden to the Warriors, but the package that would go back in the other direction would include Andrew Wiggins, Kelly you Bray and James Wiseman, who was just the second pick in the draft a few weeks ago.

  • That's obviously an interesting possibility.

  • Could you picture Harden playing with Steph like does that work the Warriors who move the ball better than any team?

  • This would really be like the immovable object against the irresistible force.

  • The beautiful, team style play of the Golden State Warriors running head on into the, you know, dribble the ball for 21 seconds and take a contested step back three and make it of James Harden, so I don't see it happening.

  • If it were to happen, I might put it at the top of the list of most interesting things that could happen.

  • I put it third, because I just think it's so unlikely.

  • The second most interesting possibility, according of Bobby Marks, his trade possibilities would be Philadelphia.

  • And that's, of course, where Daryl Morey isn't Daryl Morey is the guy who ran the Rockets and who basically put in place the pieces to make James Harden what he is, which is one of the most productive players in basketball history.

  • You can debate all you want, how good he is, but his numbers speak for themselves.

  • Very few players in the history of the sport he puts up like Wilt Chamberlain esque numbers, and the deal that that Bobby puts together here that I would find the most interesting would be for Ben Simmons.

  • So if I'm Houston I don't think anything better could happen then getting Ben Simmons back in a trade for James Harden.

  • If I could find a way to get Ben Simmons out of Philadelphia, I'm Houston.

  • I'm running to the phone.

  • I'm making that deal as fast as I possibly can for the Rockets.

  • That's the best trade they could make.

  • Because Simmons is a young, budding superstar who I still think has the potential to wind up being a top 10 player in the league.

  • I do not believe he is one now, but I think he could be.

  • So that's number two.

  • And the number one, of course, is the Brooklyn Nets.

  • And the deal that Bobby Marks is talking about would include names like Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris Levert.

  • What I would find most interesting is whether or not Kyrie Irving might wind up in that deal.

  • Kyrie, Irving and the city of New York are going to be a really complicated match.

  • I haven't done a lot of basketball on the show here because one football season gets going.

  • I'm I'm so into that that I just haven't spent a lot of time on things like this.

  • But if you have seen the stories carry.

  • Irving has announced that he is not going to talk to the media this year.

  • He's just going to issue statements now.

  • I don't personally have a problem with that.

  • If he feels as though he's had bad relationships with the media before, if he feels he's been burned in the past, for whatever reason, he's obviously a person who views the world differently than most.

  • But what I can tell you is based upon not just that, but that was what really sort of put it over the top in my head, but a lot of other factors as well.

  • I don't foresee great things for Kyrie Irving in this town.

  • I really don't and I think that it might.

  • If I'm the Nets and I had the opportunity to get James Harden, I would make that trade immediately.

  • I would put carry Irving in the deal and I would make that trade.

  • I don't think it will happen, but if I were in their shoes, I would do it.

of all the things going on in sports right now, the most impactful one that is gonna happen in the next, I think couple of weeks is the trading of James Harden.

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