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  • Hi, I'm Michelle Gomez.

  • And this is how I do my hair for sort of everyday look eso My hair texture is basically a cross between horsehair and rule on dso It is a a lot off care and attention on moisture on what I do.

  • First of all is I put this mosque has gone in this here for, like good 10 minutes or so.

  • Christophe Robin.

  • Amazing for people with hair like mine which is ah lot.

  • And he's he's my go to And then I would like prep it My hair drinks oil it drink It needs a lot of moisture.

  • I have five people's heads off here on my head.

  • God, if there is one did not give me an ass He just kept giving me here.

  • I'm not much for her lip either.

  • Just lots of lots of here.

  • Now this is the Christophe Robin I discovered a while ago and has made a huge difference to my here.

  • So it turns it from feeling you can feel like it's like walk and to something approximating riel here.

  • So just saturated.

  • Just pour this stuff and I just work through my hair.

  • Make sure that it goes really just from the end, the scalp you want to kind of avoid and just make sure that it's right through to the the tips there.

  • The biggest tip with hair like this is toe work and really small section.

  • So I'm just gonna take, like, the front here, and I sectioned off and I just get right are over here.

  • And otherwise, it's a little overwhelming on I just take one piece.

  • So I really wanna make sure I get it smooth as possible.

  • So I just get right in either it's there, just go really slowly and with a round brush as well.

  • Pearl the very end of it so that it's got a nice bend at the end.

  • So this is probably gonna take about another hour and a half will be wasa.

  • So I'm gonna catch up with you when I'm nearly uh okay, really.

  • My hair is just super thirsty.

  • Andi is taking me a long time to know how to deal with it.

  • And actually growing up in Scotland with hair like my my parole mom cheat did not have to deal with it.

  • I am.

  • There was a point where my grandmother My dad's side of the family's Caribbean from Antigua and my grandmother came over and she actually and she told me I had to break up on and that was the first time when I could take control of it.

  • The big key was thick, unmanageable hair is oil lots and lots of oil.

  • So when I'm in New York, I didn't really know anybody on.

  • I needed, uh to try and find somebody to deal with this on.

  • I had the great pleasure Thio run into Tony Bucket on dso He just completely changed my my my life in terms of dealing with my hair.

  • I go to him once a week or maybe once over 10 days and gives me a good old blowout and I will not wash it unless I have Thio and told me Bucket is my main man.

  • My hair is definitely got me a couple of jobs.

  • Um, my hair definitely.

  • I think, uh, was the sealed the deal for Madam Satan because I went from this like the stereotypical you know, what kind of school, mom with a hair pulled back from my glasses on.

  • And then there's a point where I turned from Mary Wardwell into Madam Satan and I will actually just pulled my hair right into the whole kind of thing on.

  • I think that got the part s Oh, I might have my hair to thank for Madame saying So, guys, Um, that's it.

  • That's all I got.

  • That's my hair routine.

  • It's basically just fill it up with oil.

  • Onda, where you go, it's being fun.

  • Change this with you on def.

  • You have here like my God love you.

  • But there's products out there.

  • You can always make it.

Hi, I'm Michelle Gomez.

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'The Flight Attendant' Star Michelle Gomez’s Blowout Hair Tutorial | How I Do | Harper’s BAZAAR

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