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  • the N B A will take center stage and we will see, among others.

  • LeBron James feels like just yesterday we watched him hoist another Larry O Brien trophy after the Lakers knocked off the Heat in the finals.

  • Now there, that chasing another LeBron two championships away from Equalling Michael Jordan's six and despite looking flat and their opening game against the Clippers.

  • Our friends at Caesars Sports books have the Lakers as significant favorites to win the championship this summer, followed closely by the Nets, the Bucks and the Clippers.

  • And so let me bring back everybody's favorite tag team duo of Kendrick Perkins and Zach Lowe and Zack.

  • I'll start with you because we talked about it earlier this hour.

  • You have the Lakers on their own tear.

  • If someone is going to beat them this year, who is that someone going to be Zach Lowe?

  • I think the Clippers are still the best chance of beating the Lakers despite how bad they looked in those last three games against Denver and the bubble.

  • I love Serge Ibaka.

  • For them, he has a dimension of three point shooting and rim protection.

  • I didn't have and I think Paul George is gonna come back and have a little bit of a revenge toward this year.

  • He heard all the noise about Pandemic P and Playoff P, and I think he's got a good season in a.

  • After that, it's the Bucks just because they're the Bucks, they have the two time reigning M v P.

  • The Heat deserves the benefit of doubt.

  • And don't sleep on the Nuggets.

  • The Nuggets were really what they did in the bubble was really have to legit offensive superstars and Nicole Leo Kitchen, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter is coming on.

  • They're going to be impossible to guard.

  • Can they play enough defense?

  • We'll see.

  • But I'm not sleeping on them.

  • I like that one.

  • Kendrick.

  • Let me come to you on that.

  • If LeBron and a D and all of them are healthy, give me a team that could beat them in a seven game series.

  • Well, first of all, Granny, it was none of those teams that Zach Lowe name.

  • And here it is.

  • This morning I thought that Zack was speaking the gospel, and all of a sudden he went back to his usual self.

  • It's only one of my very eyes.

  • It is only one other team out there in my eyes that could beat them.

  • And that's the Brooklyn Nets.

  • They have the second best duo in the league and K D and Kyrie Irving and those guys are on the mission.

  • If you watch how they've been playing in the pre season, the Nets are locked in on the defensive end.

  • They are playing boxes and elbows.

  • Kevin Durant is the underrated defender.

  • He's committed to the defense event, and, like I said, they have one of the most deepest rosters in the league.

  • You add a guy like you looking at guys like Spencer deal with Joe Harris, who could shoot the lights out.

  • They have anchors and DeAndre Jordan and Jared Allen.

  • Death Green Told you, Prince Caris, Levert.

  • All those guys are pretty good wing players on both ends of the floor.

  • The Brooklyn Nets are the team that watch the defeat the Lakers to take their throne.

  • I agree with that.

  • At minimum, I think, to get to the final Zack.

  • If I if I made you betting amount of money that matter to you on who wins the East this year, is it Brooklyn?

  • Who do you have?

  • If you're forcing me to bet bet in Brooklyn, I just I trust Kevin Durant in the playoffs.

  • What else can you say?

  • Before his injury?

  • This was a guy who's on pace to be one of the 10 best players in the history of basketball.

  • A two time finals M V P.

  • Everything purchased said about their depth, their flexibility.

  • I trust Steve Nash and his staff.

  • So I would I would bet that's a little bit over bucks and heat.

  • Okay?

  • I like it very much, guys.

  • Ah, very merry Christmas to you both.

  • A happy holiday season.

  • I will see you both in the next few days as we get rolling with the N Batou today being Christmas Day.

  • There's a ton of watching on ESPN, of course, ESPN and ABC.

  • Plenty of basketball coming your way.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the N B A will take center stage and we will see, among others.

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The Nets are coming to take the Lakers' throne - Kendrick Perkins | Get Up

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