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  • his progress I found was canceled.

  • I feel like wasted whole Yeah, like unique specialty.

  • Uh, sports people for tonight.

  • Um inter permit journal.

  • Rankle prima donna Locked down.

  • Request certain I lost my job back in March.

  • I also lost my college experience.

  • That connection I had with professors with classmates being able to walk around campus, study in the library, have my own life in this moving to wear spectacles, quizzes, voting on normally dodge contact media.

  • His name is the Lord Carrington.

  • Who?

  • This he told the Sony Spaces he comes through, um, older the Ali II Indian convention with Allen Allen.

  • And how union anyway, booking on Heavy Early Island and Consol about E Can you hold a whole show on Geo Mega found E?

  • Yeah.

  • Also, you're upset.

  • Kaio.

  • Lydia!

  • Unanimous Cough!

  • Cpt!

  • Concepto go!

  • So no military puzzle will not nto media.

  • Nick, I just summer glove near the statue area.

  • We'll have a pressure is eventually because now start.

  • There was reasonable cause I actually never factory.

  • If the vaccine will be have been found, people go back to normal life.

  • They will share can on people go back to their normal jobs Yeah.

  • It will be a good year for everyone if the vaccine will be found.

  • My short time goal for the 2021 is to go to the zonal competition.

  • Compete.

  • When I've been there, I go to the Olympics.

  • Tokyo 2021 for 2021.

  • I really hope the world starts to move back to how it used to be.

  • I hope vaccinations are a success.

  • And everyone who lost her job could find a new one or get the one they had.

  • I hope schools open again so kids could go back to school.

  • I really hope I could get graduate and attend my ceremony.

  • And I just hope that life could just go back to normal and we could put this back.

  • But I do believe in Touro.

  • Pero she see, uh, in computing or Marita spare.

  • Okay.

  • La gente post sociological celebra.

  • Mean Spiro Zippo Sandra Buried Cafe Kolya Michelle Bar Spiro.

  • Suppose alternative banking.

  • Squalus deposited Lavoro in a university.

  • No, no.

his progress I found was canceled.

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Gen Z looks toward a COVID-free future

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/26
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