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  • Dubai is expensive.

  • We all know that.

  • But I am cheap.

  • And today I want to show you just how cheap Dubai can be on.

  • I want to do that with the funniest and biggest guy that I know.

  • Steve Harvey.

  • Okay, I'm Steve Harvey.

  • And today we are in the Emirates and we're going to skip all the Lamborghini is the Ferraris.

  • The Rose Royce is all the ball of stuff, and today we are going to go cheap.

  • Not many people know this, but big cities can be quite affordable if you find the right place here where most locals live, I have the best prices here.

  • A pretty good it's It's, I mean, that's what they do.

  • They're so good at it.

  • You could come here.

  • And instead of spending 100 bucks, you can get your own custom made Sit, just the way you like it for eight bucks.

  • That's 8% of what you normally spend.

  • Who does that, huh?

  • Who?

  • Yes.

  • Way needed to find Ah hotel.

  • Instead of paying $1000 a night for a hotel, we found a great deal for a five star hotel with lots of space and a rooftop swimming pool with a view off the skyline off the by for Onley $44 a night.

  • And if you split that bed by two people, it will be $22 per person, $22 a person.

  • Now that's cheap.

  • That's really cheap.

  • And if you speak to people in, that's $11 a person.

  • If you sneak 10 people in, yeah, $20 per person and sneak from Oh in and then you just is crowded.

  • It is free on close.

  • So you see, instead of buying stuff that I have on that cost, really too much money.

  • I found something for eight.

  • He showed it to me $8 smiling the whole time.

  • $8.

  • That's why he's laughing.

  • E could get this for $8 on the $8.

  • Okay, What's wrong?

  • Very best price.

  • What's wrong with nothing?

  • Nothing irregular.

  • What's wrong with for that price?

  • We bought the entire team.

  • Ah, whole new outfit for less than 100 bucks.

  • That is cheap.

  • Well, do I look good?

  • Yeah, you look much better.

  • I felt like I'm wearing, like, the most amazing designer in this.

  • You could get a boat for less than 30 cents a ride.

  • You could enter museum for $1 and you could get a souvenir at the local market for less than $5.

  • On last but not least, food.

  • Forget the $100 meal.

  • We found a restaurant where taxi drivers go.

  • It serves traditional Pakistani food.

  • And there we may have found the cheapest meal in the city.

  • This'll this'll spread this'll man course.

  • And this dessert for $2.70.

  • It's a full, satisfying healthy meal for $2.

  • 70 cents.

  • I would definitely pay about $20 for all.

  • No.

  • You want?

  • Yeah.

  • What?

  • 20 bucks?

  • $20.

  • That's pretty good.

  • That's not bad.

  • All right, that is kicking in.

  • There it is.

  • It's hot.

  • Yeah.

  • Hey, look.

  • Lots of taxi drivers eat here all the time.

  • And Cove, it has hit those folks pretty hard.

  • So we thought we'd do something really nice, weighed by the next 1000 meals at this restaurant and feed the next 1000 taxi drivers that walk into here.

  • So?

  • So what we'd like to do is we would like to pay for the next 1000 taxi drivers.

  • They're walking through this door like those meals to be on us A.

  • To end of the day.

  • Dubai is expensive, but if you just look hard enough, you can get a hotel for a few close souvenir and food for yourself and for 1000 others without breaking the bank.

Dubai is expensive.

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How Much Does Dubai Cost?! (Getting $2 meals with Steve Harvey)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/26
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