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  • Zombies are perhaps the most iconic monsters from film and media

  • over the past several years.

  • They are so prevalent, in fact, that even the Center for Disease Control maintains a page

  • dedicated to giving advice on how to survive a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

  • As unlikely as this my be, the thought process of creating your own zombie survival strategy

  • has always been interesting to me.

  • So lets try and figure out where the safest place to be on Earth would be in the event that zombies

  • leave the world of fiction and enter into reality.

  • First, a few assumptions:

  • If a zombie outbreak were to happen, it would probably originate in a major city somewhere

  • and begin infecting people in urban areas first.

  • Second, were going to assume that zombies are like those in The Walking Dead:

  • dumb and not able to swim very well in the water.

  • Obviously, if the outbreak begins in a major city, you would want to flee to an area more rural first

  • and any downtown area or place where a lot of people live should be avoided at all costs.

  • Geography is going to be your best friend in this event.

  • So where is a place that's not only easy to defend against attackers, but also has enough resources to be succinct?

  • The tops of mountains or hills are obvious first choices but the problem with those is that they are surrounded by land

  • and that means that if your on the same continent where the outbreak originated in

  • its only going to be a matter of time until the zombies arrive at your front door.

  • If you live by the coast, a better and more obvious choice would be just taking a boat and sailing it out onto the ocean.

  • But you would eventually have to stop back on land at some point for supplies

  • and that inevitably leaves you vulnerable to an attack

  • So how about just sailing your boat to a remote uninhabited island somewhere far away from any possible outbreak?

  • There may be as many as 2 million uninhabited islands scattered across the world's oceans and lakes

  • so there's plenty of options to choose from including Devon Island in Canada

  • which has a population of 0 and is about the same size as Croatia.

  • The problem with an uninhabited island however is that there's no infrastructure currently in place.

  • You need to have shelter, food, and water so you would need to either bring it all with you,

  • be skilled enough to acquire it all, or be lucky enough to just stumble into some of it.

  • One island, orrr sort of island I guess that in my opinion is the best place in the entire world

  • to be at during a zombie apocalypse is right here, one kilometer off the coast of Normandy in France.

  • Getting here might be difficult if you live outside of Europe.

  • And if that's the case well...good luck out there. But if you're in Europe this is probably where you want to head to.

  • It's called Mont Saint-Michel. You may have seen something similar to it in a Lord of the Rings movie

  • and it checks nearly ever zombie proof criteria that you could ever think of.

  • First off, the island is home to an extremely fortified castle on top of a hill 92 meters above sea level.

  • During high tide, the ocean surrounds the island and castle walls.

  • There is a bridge that was built in 2014 that connects the island to the mainland,

  • but you could always just blow this up to ensure that the island remains untouchable by zombies during the high tide.

  • During low tide however, the beach around the castle becomes exposed and allows people, or zombies, to walk directly between the island and the mainland.

  • At first glance this seems to be like a weakness, but it actually allows for easy access

  • to the surrounding land for supplies by the survivors inside.

  • The surrounding meadows is considered a very rich area for grazing sheep

  • and even if you don't feel like leaving the safety of the castle walls, there's a garden inside that can allow it to remain relatively self-sufficient.

  • You would only really need to patrol the walls during low tide, but even then the zombies would struggle

  • to scale up the hills and the walls that surround the island on all sides.

  • Whenever the tide comes back in, it would simply sweep away all the zombie attackers with them

  • which would allow you and the other survivors inside to live pretty secure and comfortable.

  • The French defenders at Mont Saint-Michel managed to hold out for the entire duration of the 100 years war

  • against England despite vastly inferior numbers just because its really hard to attack.

  • An attacker only has a limited amount of time to attack each day before the tide comes in and forces them back

  • or drowns them. And an attacking zombie army would probably be more stupid than a medieval English army.

  • So there you go, I just don't see any way that you could fail at holding off a hoard of zombie attackers in this castle.

  • Geography is almost always the most powerful weapon that humans can use if used wisely.

  • But if you'd like to actually experience a world where zombies are terrifyingly real, then you should check out

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  • As a fan of the show, the biggest thing I love about this game is the set of 8 unique missions

  • based off the last 8 episodes that aired in season 8 that offer a different perspective into the events that happened on the show.

  • In addition, Ezekiel's loyal companion and body guard Jerry joins the cast of other heroes for you to experience in No Man's Land.

  • The best part though is that everyone who downloads the game between now and December 30th

  • will get a pretty cool special reward. You get to unlock Negan to your team for free.

  • You can download the game for free from the App Store or Google Play using the link in the description below.

  • So if your a fan of the show or the graphic novel, why not give it a chance and experience the storyline from a different perspective?

  • I wish you all a Merry Christmas in a few days time and thank you sooo much for watching.

  • You guys are all what makes RealLifeLore possible and I'm looking forward to another New Year to experience with all of you.

  • Cheers!

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