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  • the Rockets and the Thunder did not play last night, their game postponed because the Rockets did not have enough available players due to co vid concerns.

  • James Harden was one of those after he was seen at a club earlier this week with no mask and firm.

  • Or let us go right to the story.

  • Here's Adrian or Janowski woes.

  • What is next now for Houston under these circumstances?

  • Well, greeny Houston James Harden.

  • They await the league's ruling, perhaps the soonest today about how long, uh, James Harden is going to have to stay and, you know, quarantine protocol and half, uh, to test negative for the coronavirus in consecutive days before he's cleared to return.

  • Now the Rockets travel to Portland, uh, tomorrow to play Saturday game and then to Denver Monday on.

  • You know there's real question whether he'll be cleared in time, uh, to play in either of those games.

  • And right now this is a Houston team that couldn't have.

  • They couldn't get eight eligible players to play the Thunder last night, had the game postponed.

  • And besides James Harden, you know they're waiting for other players who either have the coronavirus or who are in contact tracing protocol right now to become eligible again.

  • So you know a lot of challenges for this Rockets organization, uh, to start the season, no question and feel something like there are really two separate stories here.

  • One of them is How do they get back to playing games again?

  • We cover that.

  • The other is how does this impact their ability to trade James Harden, who has made no secret of the fact that that's what he wants?

  • What is the answer to that question?

  • How does this affect that?

  • Well, I think in the short term, and I think it curbs trade talks at least for a few days here, Aziz, the Rockets and teams find out what exactly is hardened gonna be eligible to return again.

  • How long is he going to be held out by the league?

  • And remember, he's going to lose because this was a violation.

  • Him being sidelined was a violation of their protocols.

  • This is gonna cost him about $573,000 a game from each Miss game.

  • But I think they were not close to a trade before this episode.

  • This week they've been engaging with teams in both conferences.

  • Uh, this doesn't get them closer to a deal team.

  • They're gonna wait and see certainly when, when hard and would be eligible.

  • Listen, the Rockets hope they could get some leverage back in trade talks by getting Harden and John Wall on the floor together, getting him play well.

  • And that's not the case to start the season right?

  • Doesn't feel like it's gonna happen in the next day or two, either.

  • I want to show everyone what James Harden's response to all this was.

  • He did post this on Instagram yesterday.

  • I'll read it to you one thing after another.

  • I want to show love to my home girl at her event, not a strip club, because she is becoming a Boston, putting her people in position of success.

  • And now it's a problem.

  • Every day it's something different.

  • No matter how many times people try to drag my name under you, can't the rial always end on top?

  • So that is what he said.

  • I want to bring Kendrick into this conversation as well.

  • There's Big Park with us this morning, and I just would like to give you the floor here, big fella.

  • What is your reaction to all this?

  • I mean, it's a damn same greeny.

  • I mean, here you have a veteran guy who knows how toe, you know, approach the game.

  • Who I thought was a true professional.

  • But right now he's dropping the ball, and it is No, it's a lack of leadership across the board in the Rockets organization.

  • I know that James Harden is a grown man, but you have to blame some of this on Tillman Petito because he gave James Harden the engine and he took him out.

  • Right?

  • So when you look at James Harden, the thing that upsets me the most is that he's burning down the bridge that guys like Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird paved the way for guys like him today to be able to get paid hundreds of millions of dollars and what he's doing now, he's hurting the younger generation.

  • You gotta come on, James.

  • You gotta be more professional.

  • In the words of my wife, when I be around here acting crazy should tell me I'm tripping.

  • You're tripping your trip it period green.

  • Could I ask you quickly Kendrick Because we know that, among other things, the man is a walking 30 point triple double when we assume he remains that.

  • But the way he's handled his return this year, the shape that he appears to be in.

  • And now this situation.

  • If you're another team right now, Kendrick Perkins does this impact how badly you want to bring him in in a trade?

  • Absolutely.

  • We know what we would get out of James Harden Between the lines we know that he could, you know, put the ball in the bucket once one of the best to ever do it.

  • But a lot of GM right now, Greendale scared trade for James Harden because it is off the court.

  • Activities are festivities, should I say And they don't want him to come in and be around their young guys and teach them bad habits like you have to be more professionals.

  • So right now Ah, lot of G.

  • M s were turned off.

  • By the way that James Harden is acting way we'll talk more e I wouldn't tell you for Okay.

  • Wouldn't trade for it.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

the Rockets and the Thunder did not play last night, their game postponed because the Rockets did not have enough available players due to co vid concerns.

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