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  • Bucks and the Celtics.

  • It's back to back M v p.

  • The Honest answer.

  • Cockrum Po visiting Jayson Tatum.

  • Going to pick this up in the fourth quarter?

  • Celtics that led all night, But yeah.

  • Honest.

  • Bringing his team back.

  • Mr.

  • Inside gets into 10 points and then Mr Outside.

  • Is he honest?

  • Drilling the three.

  • He had 35 points, 13 rebounds.

  • It's a two point game.

  • A minute and a half to go.

  • Celtics looking for a response.

  • We're all tied.

  • Not anymore.

  • Jason Tatum O.

  • It's impossible to stop.

  • He scored 30 Boston by two Ensuing Bucks possession.

  • Newest member of their group Drew holiday.

  • Watch the step back.

  • He was great last night.

  • Drew Holiday 25 points in his Milwaukee debut.

  • Nine seconds left in the fourth.

  • Celtics down by one.

  • What are you gonna draw?

  • They get it to Tatum.

  • Watch this switch.

  • How about this matchup?

  • Yanis one on one with Tatum 4321 Throw it up.

  • Bank is open.

  • Jayson Tatum Banks home the three.

  • He had six threes on the night as part of his 30 point night.

  • That one gives the Celtics the two point lead with 2.0.4 seconds remaining but again 0.4 seconds.

  • Bucks have a chance.

  • What you gonna do?

  • Holiday?

  • Gonna throw it up?

  • Yanis looking to throw it down and hold everything.

  • We got a foul, The whistle blows.

  • It's a foul on Tristan Thompson.

  • Yanis is gonna go to the line with a chance to tie it.

  • He shot 63% last year.

  • 1st 10 it's up in good.

  • He needs one more and we're going to overtime.

  • Yanis all He pulls the string front of the rim his first game since signing the biggest contract in N B.

  • A history that one doesn't go.

  • And the Celtics survived 1 22 1 21 in a thrilling opening game for both of those really good Eastern Conference teams.

  • And Tim Legler joins us here this morning.

  • Timmy legs, Let me get a thought from you.

  • What do you take out of that one?

  • Especially that moment from the honest with line?

  • Listen, you're a two time M v p Green.

  • You got to make that free throw.

  • It's that simple.

  • And and it's one thing Thio just beat up a guy over one missed free throw on a night when he had such a great statistical night.

  • This is more than that, though.

  • It's reared its head before.

  • If you go back to a year ago against Miami and I know he was banged up the tail end of that Siri's.

  • But he was 20 for 37 from the line in the first three games of that serious, that's 54% the year before that.

  • When they lose the Toronto he shoots 55% from the line in that series.

  • And the reason.

  • It's such a big deal because it's still the one thing holding this team back from breaking through, putting the ball in the hands of your best player in that situation and having faith and confidence that he could do whatever is required in the moment mid range deep or make a critical free throw.

  • Thio get your team to the next level and he wasn't able to come through, Uh, and it's something that you're gonna question about Yanis and this team all season long.

  • In those moments, you honest Why did I mean big perk?

  • Why did I hear that side from you?

  • I got 30 seconds.

  • Well, first of all.

  • It wasn't a foul, and they have that old saying bald on lot because he wasn't supposed to be shooting free throws anyway.

  • But Tim Legs is on point, but I think it was more about the Boston Celtics.

  • Jalen Brown was phenomenal last night with Kimber being out.

  • Look for Jalen Brown toe up his game.

  • The mid range is not dead.

  • And he showed us that last night.

  • By the way, keep nice additions by the Boston Celtics getting Tristian Thompson and Jeff Teague.

  • They were huge for them last night.

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Bucks and the Celtics.

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