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  • the creche in the biblical town of Bethlehem shelters, newborn babies and toddlers.

  • Many of them are illegitimate, some the product of rapes or simply abandoned.

  • It's the staff's job to take care of the Children, those who were given up on others who are at risk from parents or relatives.

  • The Children are brought up his Muslim, unless the Catholic nuns and Palestinian staff who run the crash no otherwise a Z in December 2019, this time of year is always a chance to celebrate Whatever the baby's origins.

  • Andan Happy Nativity Iskander Andon is a Palestinian social worker who works with the institution throughout.

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  • Charitable work wins it.

  • Respect and recognition.

  • Like this visit in January by Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Steyer.

  • They had the most hilarious Carly um Mohammed, who have since any polyamory in Tora outfall Uh, a two family.

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  • What would you do for a very how much had delivered corn masa See our armory and Mashhad for combat Jalil in Sunny, But what the creche needs most of all is money.

  • The donations it relies on from Europe and elsewhere have thinned out, especially over the past troubled year, a year in which the pandemic created additional pressures for the institution on those who support it.

  • Almost all visits to the crash was stopped on the Children confined to the institution, one of the carers feeling those new pressures.

  • Life has come full circle.

  • Marium ish was one of those Children who started her life at the crash.

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  • Alma can can doctor over here for a better start than McCann This Christmas time, there's an unexpected reason to celebrate.

  • One of the Children is starting a new life with both biological parents who've reconciled, married and set up home together.

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the creche in the biblical town of Bethlehem shelters, newborn babies and toddlers.

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The home caring for Bethlehem’s other children

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