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  • I want to switch gears because we have a very special announcement to make.

  • Right here on the jump drumroll, please.

  • Producer Tommy.

  • Hey, Paul Pierce.

  • Today is when they are announcing the next class of the Hall of Fame.

  • And guess what?

  • Guess who's nominated were relatively Oh, nominated baby.

  • Okay, okay.

  • 2021.

  • A competitor.

  • I don't like you, but respect You know what I'm saying?

  • A broken every social distance protocol were not allowed to do.

  • You gotta make it through the nomination, e.

  • At least I'm nominated.

  • Let's edit that out.

  • Can we edit that out?

  • Five.

  • Television.

  • But my partner happy for him, I want Oh, this.

  • I think this is a great honor to be recognized, even nominated.

  • It's like being nominated for a Grammy or Emmy.

  • Just to be in the conversation is a great honor.

  • That's awesome.

  • All right.

  • We need you to call kg during the break and tell him it's not just him.

  • We're gonna be talking about this a little bit more.

  • Stick with us because coming up, we're going to share the rest of the finalists for the nation with Hall of Fame exclusively here on the jump.

  • Uh huh.

  • Welcome back.

  • We indeed, at Breaking News coming out of the Hoop Hall.

  • Here are some notable first time nominees for the nays Meth Memorial Hall of Fame class of 2021.

  • Aside from Mr Paul Pierce, we got four time All Star former coach and ESPN analyst Colin Problem.

  • Five time champ Michael Cooper, 99 w MBA M v p.

  • Seven time All Star Yolanda Griffith, three times W MBA M v P.

  • Seven times All Star Lauren Jackson and 10 time All Star 2008 finals Coaching our very own Paul here.

  • Well, now you've had a couple of minutes That's let it sink in and reflect.

  • What does it mean to be a finalist just to be recognized?

  • If I if I do make it just to be recognized in basketball, lure forever.

  • You know, when I'm long gone.

  • In a way, you know, I always said, like, look, the hall, the famous forever having my number hung up in the Boston Garden this forever.

  • So I mean, it's a true honor.

  • If it would happen on I'm a blessed that I would have put time in on my craft and all the hard work mornings, nights that I could get to this point.

  • And, uh, E was like the whole of famous.

  • So cool, because it does.

  • It represents your whole life, right?

  • The sacrifices your mom made all of the hours, the days you woke up in that winter in Kansas for the first time is an L A boy thinking, Where am I get to that point?

  • You literally have to have almost no life.

  • I For many years I had fun here and there, but it was strictly business.

  • And I'm happy that I pay is paying off, continuing to pay off.

  • So do you feel like this is like M.

  • J.

  • Said, kind of like, Yo, this is the end of the chapter, right?

  • Like when basketball, when you make it into the Hall of Fame, that's it, right?

  • Like there's nothing else to accomplish that.

  • That's the end of your book right there.

  • I mean, the fine.

  • That's the final stop, and I'm not sure if that was the goal.

  • Go into it.

  • But I just think with all the hard work and perseverance, Shin ended up this way.

  • You know, you set goals you just worked as hard as you can and see where you're at.

  • And, you know, this is the final chapter.

  • Now I can If I could nominate, I could start my book.

  • We've been nominated.

  • We're gonna work toward through this year's They finished the selection process.

  • Maybe get one of those 50 orange jackets.

  • And if that happens, you have to think about your speech.

  • I know I'm the super nervous.

  • Right?

  • Good.

  • It's gonna be a good ride.

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I want to switch gears because we have a very special announcement to make.

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Paul Pierce reacts to being named a Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2021 nominee | The Jump

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