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Before knowing Camille, my life was dull.
I go straight to the school for experiments after getting up every day.
And I look up the information at the library, and then go back for experiments.
Before knowing Wenpo, my life was pretty stressed out.
I have a strict advisor,
and a senior schoolmate.
I get up very early every day to work at the lab.
Life was nothing but finding papers, reading papers, and writing papers,
and it recurs constantly.
I can tell you that the senior schoolmate was Hu-Ya-Han.
I was the activity executive of Rotary Club Alumni that year.
Then I held a voluntary service activity.
I held a voluntary activity to serve at Wan-Ron Elementary School in Hualian.
I emailed all the alumni,
hoping those were interested would attend.
And I was one of the alumni.
Actually I went to the meeting room ,
I had no impression of Camille that day,
and I didn't even know she was the executive.
I just remembered wondering
how the girl sitting opposite to me talked nonstop,
and kept smiling.
This was the first impression of her.
Since we were shifting some supplies to Hualian, it would be easier with a car.
So I found some attendants to go to Hualian beforehand, with a car.
Just to do some preparation.
Camille. What does it take to be your boyfriend?
God will prepare me a most suitable one.
I will never be in relationship with her.
How about you?
For me, of course she would look like Angelina Jolie.
You are not Brad Pitt.
I was kidding!
We should share the same system of values,
and be filial to parents. That's more important.
Hey kids! It's Ms. Camille, how are you today?
I found that Camille was very passionate with voluntary service during that time,
and that was how I grew to be attracted to her.
Especially for a executive,
there are a lot of decisions to make.
She confronted some obstacle.
However she was able to care for everyone,and that was very special of her.
And she also managed to hold the activity.
It was an amazing thing to do.
And I was taking picture all the time during the activity
through the camera
I thought how beautiful this girl was!
Because many details are showed through the camera,
even the moment when breeze blew over her hair.
You would think that "Wow, so beautiful."
I can almost smell the scent of her hair.
So this is something of her that attracts me.
So, I started to be attracted to her.
It was really tiresome holding the activity.
Many attendants failed to fight till the end.
I noticed that Wenpo
I noticed that Wenpo was a really innocent and compassionate big brother.
You know, the aboriginal kids are very energetic,
and Wenpo never complained.
I really appreciate that.
He could roll over on the ground with the kids.
He is just a pure person,
and accompanied the children genuinely.
And there's another thing. One must taste seafood in Hualian, right?
I was outside the restaurant when he was ordering seafood.
He told the owner, "shrimp, two ounce."
I thought it was super MAN! I tell you, SUPER MAN!
Probably only my mom orders like this.
I have never met anyone else who orders so boldly.
And that is Wenpo.
So I really think.Oh!
before the night I was going to tell her,
there was a voice in me.It kept telling me that
she is the one. There's nobody else like her.
It was an intense feeling.
I felt like if I don't tell her my feelings, my life would be black and white.
And, I would regret that.
I didn't sleep for the whole night,
thinking how I was going to tell her tomorrow.
So I didn't sleep. The next day I went to their school with a bunch of flower.
I only knew that she had class in the morning,
and that was all I knew.
So it took me much time going by classrooms.
Finally, I found it !
So I went into the classroom just in time
with flower and my burning heart,
and tell her my feelings.
We love foods.
Wenpo is very nice to me, he often take me to eat good foods.
But I still couldn't make up my mind. You know, girls are like this.
Just not sure about is it really am I really going to date him?
Yah. And then I remember that day when I felt down.
I kept thinking this.
I don't have peace in mind.
When Wenpo found that, he came to me immediately
even though he was busy for experiments.
What happened to you?
I'm not sure if we should keep dating each other.
Why would you say that?
I don't feel peaceful in my heart.
I don't know.
Let me ask you something.
Do you believe in god?
Yes, I do.
Then, do you believe that he prepared me for you?
Yes, I do.
Then, you should have faith in our relationship.
Hun, now I know.
Wenpo came to me, and told me those things. I was really touched.
People might think that, why are you so touched? He actually didn't say much.
However the reason I was so touched was that
he paid attention to observe me
and took care of me with the way that suits me
rather than the way he likes.
So he knew the reason for me not having peace in mind.
He took care of me with the way that suits me, so I was very touched.
That is how I become more and more peaceful, and gain more and more sense of security.
Before we start dating,
I applied for a research project in America.
Not long after we started dating I had to go to America
for about a year.
I thought it would be hard to get along because of the distance and the time lag.
Once, just once I told him that,
"Let's split up."
a long-distance relationship
People say that love is
an impulse or a feeling.
We think that love is
a decision.
Why do we think that?
That is because one day we all grow old.
We might have children, and our bodies loose.
We might
confront difficulties
or down times.
We might confront difficulties
or down times.
Since our love is not for feelings
nor qualifications
, but an important decision.
It is the vow we make with god.
so what do we do with our decision?
To hold it till the end! Right!
Dear friends, thank you for coming today
and witness this decision of love.
We hope to share the blessing that god give us in our lives.
Hope that the blessings
would be the most beautiful gift
in your lives.
Love you all!
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WenPo & Camille's Wedding(愛情故事 Love story)

5637 Folder Collection
jswang2554 published on July 11, 2014
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