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  • I thought Kevin Durant, after making a choice to go to the Warriors, which to me was about lifestyle and having fun playing basketball.

  • But I don't think in my mind at least, it didn't enhance his legacy because, again, you added an M V P caliber player to a 73 win team.

  • Dude, you can't not win the championship like it's almost impossible.

  • So, to me, that didn't prove a whole lot.

  • But then he made a gutsy choice.

  • Recovering from an Achilles, he goes to Brooklyn U S A.

  • And teams with Kyrie to try to bring a championship in basketball to a championship starved basketball town.

  • Do you think Kevin Durant and Kyrie will work?

  • I think, with keeping the peace is that they kept and we're moving himself from this whole James Harvard hardened nonsense about, you know, giving up what they had to give up to make that happen.

  • I think doing that, keeping the core of the team, keeping the culture of the team and allowing Steve Nash over the course of the you know the next three or four years have along.

  • You know, Kyrie and Candy decided to stay there, giving him a chance to grow as a coach and building the coaching team around him that he seems to be building.

  • I think eventually is gonna work.

  • And when you say work, do you mean winning a championship or do you mean big positive at a championship level?

  • Because back No, no, no, you gotta win a championship, E said earlier.

  • If the Lakers win it this year and now they're in the conversation of one of the greatest teams off all time because of their makeup, does that make it?

  • You know, Do you still get Brooklyn?

  • The chance, or is it okay if they lose the championship or to to that team because they're that great, Do you hold that against them?

  • That's fine.

  • If you lose no, that's fine.

  • If you lose, it's fine if you lose as long as you also win.

  • In other words, what Kevin Durant's mission is.

  • You got to win a championship in Brooklyn.

  • You don't have to do it in year one.

  • I agree.

  • Do not have to do it in your one, but you gotta win what's interesting to me.

  • What you said is the James Harden nonsense, because a lot of people would say, adding Another superstar would make it better.

  • But when I look at this Nets roster, particularly if you wanna play que de aza five, even though it's not really like a 12345 anymore.

  • But if you wanna play him as your big Um, or as a least the tallest player on the court, because he could do a lot of things defensively to I'm looking at the depth of excellent players on the team.

  • You know, like Joe Harris fits in any line of can shoot the lights out.

  • But Din Witty could do a lot of things.

  • And Laverty is a really player like din witty and Laverty ARB bubble all star type players who are ascending.

  • And when you add Harris, who can shoot like that t your main two guys, maybe they are just better off competitively without James Harden.

  • You if you leave.

  • If you lose all of that, you lose the culture of the team.

  • You started to build a Cultural Square one if you get hard in there because Katie is new to that Correa, who did that?

  • Steve Nash is new to that, and James Harden.

  • We knew that the players you just mentioned, that's all the core of that team.

  • That's the team's entire culture.

  • You can't lose a culture, an entire culture and expect to be competitive when you're starting off a square, one with other teams have already have something built in.

  • So that's where I'm coming from.

  • You know, I hear what you're saying.

  • You make perfect sense about the depth of what they're lose, but in the process of losing that, you lose your entire culture.

  • And now you have to build up a whole new identity with three new players who have nothing to do or have no connection to the culture that was there before, you know?

  • So I think that's a large singer.

  • Ask.

  • And once again, I think if they get to the finals and lose to the Lakers, if the Lakers become that team that becomes generational.

  • We have ah legacy conversation about how good this Lakers team really is over the next 10 years.

  • I think is okay.

  • If Katie and Kyrie don't win a championship on Lee, if they lose to this all time potentially great Laker team, if they lose anybody else.

  • That's a different conversation, but I think they'll be all right, and I think it will work.

  • If this is the team, they wind up losing two.

  • If this becomes their rivalry and their albatross, thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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I thought Kevin Durant, after making a choice to go to the Warriors, which to me was about lifestyle and having fun playing basketball.

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