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  • mhm.

  • Hello, everyone.

  • And I have another Christmas lesson for you today.

  • And I have my lovely assistant.

  • What's your name?

  • Claire.

  • She is that our word today is a suggestion from clear.

  • And it is how to pronounce the word Rudolph, Who is the, um, the leader of the Rainy, the leader of the reindeer, sometimes called the red Nosed Reindeer.

  • To say the word Rudolph correctly.

  • We're going to start with the R sound on and to do that square tent slips don't pucker and don't have them to relax.

  • Tip of the tongue is either pointed down or flipped back.

  • And then we are going to have the back of the tongue pulled up.

  • Or then we're going to move to the long Ooh, and you're going to do this by puckering Next, touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth for the D sound.

  • I'm here.

  • You and then open your mouth and a wide oval for the ah sound.

  • Tip of the tongue is low, back of the tongue is pulled up, and then you're going to touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth of that L pool and then move to the the act Sound.

  • Do this by gently biting the inside or the outside of your bottom lip and keep the air moving out.

  • Let's put that all together.

  • Rue golf.

  • Rudolph, Rudolph, Rudolph, Rudolph.

  • And now for a sentence.

  • I hope you see Rudolph before Christmas.

  • And what's the next thing?

  • Try and it would try.

  • You might notice the difference.

  • People might notice the difference.

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  • Yes, ma'am.

  • What do you have to say?

  • And this is Rudolph.

  • And he has a little coat just made for him.

  • Let me put it.

  • Okay.

  • We're gonna take a look and then tell everyone Merry Christmas.

  • All right, so, one more time, tell him how to say Rudolph, brutal and give us a sentence.

  • More time.

  • Yes, a different one.

  • Sure.

  • Um, Rudolph, with your nose so bright, won't you glide my guard?

  • Something wanted to guide my sleigh tonight.

  • So Merry Christmas, everyone.

  • Goodbye.

  • Merry Christmas.


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