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  • [Anastasia Douglas] I'm Anastasia Douglas, I work with the channel Barely Political,

  • which produces funny variety comedy sketches on YouTube,

  • as well as the musical web series "The Key of Awesome."

  • [♪ music ♪] [Strengthen ties to your fans] [YouTube]

  • The way we represent our brand across YouTube and Google+

  • is we try to think about why fans are on Google+.

  • So, what we want to give the fans are those special moments that happen behind the scenes,

  • silly day-to-day stuff, and if we're able

  • to capture those moments and share them with fans, we feel that they really appreciate it.

  • We try to keep it consistent with not only posting our own funny content,

  • but exploring Google+ and sharing other funny videos,

  • funny celebrity gossip, pictures and GIFs that are viral,

  • that we think our fans would enjoy and also content relating to things

  • that we know that our fans know we love.

  • We try to maximize our discoverability

  • with current subscribers and new fans by being present.

  • We are always on YouTube liking videos,

  • and now we can comment on videos and also post it on our Google+ page.

  • We will sign our posts with our name so the fans know exactly who they're engaging with,

  • and we try to play up that, you know sometimes we're in videos

  • we will invite the fans to send us their questions and we'll answer them.

  • Sometimes we'll put little pictures of us from past videos,

  • like "Oh yeah, remember when Stasia was Paula Deen,"

  • or "Remember when Lindsey played Patricia, I think was her characters name,"

  • and it just kind of brings fans in too.

  • They're kind of in on the secret that, you know, we're behind the scenes doing all the work

  • while Mark and Todd are off writing Key of Awesomes.

  • The cool thing you can do on Google+ is you can create your circles.

  • I have a circle called We Heart Youtubers,

  • and it's just filled with all of our favorite Youtubers,

  • and we can share the circle with our Google+ followers

  • and sneakily add ourself to that channel.

  • So we are showing our fans who we love and also

  • showing new fans all of the great stuff across YouTube, including us.

  • So they can just click a button and follow all of those circles

  • and I think that's a great thing to have on Google+.

  • For more awesome playbook tips you can either

  • click one of the boxes next to my face or there's a link in the description.

  • And if you're done learning for the day you can check out Barely Political.

  • Absolutely no learning involved, I promise.

  • [♪ music ♪]

  • [♪ music ♪] [Who should we feature next?]

[Anastasia Douglas] I'm Anastasia Douglas, I work with the channel Barely Political,

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