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  • this episode of Death Metal is brought to you by Full Sail University.

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  • Oh, Young Bruce Banner was a genius and the son of nuclear physicist Brian Banner, who was just the absolute shittiest dad ever complete with mom murdering and super baby slapping.

  • Naturally, pretty distraught, Bruce's trauma due to parental abuse internalized itself as a second personality, an angry child like brute that just wanted to be left alone.

  • Even with that angry shadow in his head, Bruce grew up to be a leader in the study of gamma radiation.

  • So, like a total nerd who probably got beat up all the time, he had that cover during a gamma bomb test.

  • Bruce was caught in the blast zone and absorbed enough radiation to well die.

  • Except he kind of didn't, well, not permanently.

  • Instead, the bomb opened a door that let Bruce's alternate personality step into the world, thus using his anger, Bruce Banner transformed into the Incredible Hulk.

  • The hook is one of the strongest.

  • Mother hovers in all of marble.

  • He can lift at 150 billion ton mountain, shatter asteroids twice the size of earth, leapt into orbit from the ground and even mess with the fabric of reality by punching.

  • Whatever a time storm is, you bet your ass he can punch it and break time.

  • The hulks absurd power is tied to his rage.

  • The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes.

  • And according to Almighty God's like the beyond er, the dude's got no no, no upper limit, though.

  • To be fair, his body can't always keep up, and we'll revert to banner under too much pressure or do many puppies.

  • Emotions like rage are governed by an area of the brain known as the hypothalamus, which controls Bruce's transformation.

  • If it's damaged, his life could be put in jeopardy, like when Hawkeye Pierce to it with a special arrow.

  • Bruce himself.

  • Design.

  • Good thing, the hoax.

  • A total tank who can keep fighting for days on end.

  • Nothing short of literal God's air strong enough to take him down.

  • Kind of like that time I drink all those speed for sodas whiz.

  • Yep, got officially classified as a natural disaster, and the government made me legally responsible for all your future actions.

  • Speaking of which, I felt you've been a little too happy lately.

  • So I'm up to commit some petty crime.

  • No, no.

  • Come back in a few days.

  • We'll cover the hopes upon it broadly.

this episode of Death Metal is brought to you by Full Sail University.

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