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  • Two men have been found guilty of the manslaughter off 39 Vietnamese men, women and Children who suffocated inside a lorry trailer as they were smuggled into Britain last October.

  • The jury also found George Nika and Damon Harrison guilty of conspiracy to assist illegal immigration Are home affairs Correspondent Daniel Sandford has been following the case.

  • Hello.

  • Chorus patient breathin.

  • Hello?

  • No, I'm a lorry driver, and I just left of the trailer from the port.

  • One of the people smugglers on the phone to the 999 operator is immigrants in the back.

  • But there they're all land on the ground.

  • Tell me approximately how many patients, Uh, 20 phase 25 patients.

  • Not breathing.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah, but more Robinson was lying.

  • Police officers found the bodies of 39 Vietnamese people.

  • Robinson pleaded guilty to manslaughter, as did his boss, Ronin Hughes.

  • Today another ringleader, George Nneka Andan, other lorry driver, Ayman Harrison, were also found guilty.

  • The criminals involved in this case might them money from miss from misery.

  • They knew what they were doing was dangerous.

  • But like he did it anyway, they're 39 victims had boarded what they'd been promised was a V I.

  • P service, among them two cousins who in Van Hung on 18 year old Huang Banteay in Vietnam.

  • The teenager's father still prays for him daily.

  • His mother told us they thought they were paying 10 £0 for a safe route to England.

  • Nobody knew that the journey to the UK was going to be like that.

  • If they had known, nobody would have let their Children risk their lives on such a dangerous journey.

  • The older cousin's father thinks he was tricked.

  • E don't know what happened, but something must have changed in their plan.

  • Either that or he was scammed.

  • Farm.

  • The Tra Mi died, trying repeatedly to call her family.

  • She'd only left Vietnam a few days earlier, traveling via China.

  • Others came through countries as diverse is Russia, Germany and Portugal.

  • For most, the last stage of their journey began in Paris.

  • First a taxi ride to northern France.

  • But there they were transferred into an airtight trailer towed by Ayman Harrison, who took them to the broker to travel unaccompanied to Essex.

  • But there were too many migrants in the airtight box.

  • On slowly, the oxygen ran out.

  • Win four twan left a message for his Children.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I cannot take care of you.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I cannot breathe.

  • Police found dense on the ceiling of the trailer left by those inside, trying desperately to escape.

  • Mo Robinson, who collected it from perfect docks, had received an urgent message from his boss, Ronan Hughes.

  • Give them air quickly, Don't let them out.

  • But when he opened the doors, there was a puff of vapor Onda trailer full of bodies.

  • The VIPs service had bean a death trap.

  • Ronan Hughes and George Nneka, seen here handing over a large bag of money, led the people smuggling gang on their had bean an opportunity to stop them.

  • A previous run on the same route just days before was caught on CCTV on reported to the police a couple whose home overlooks the site.

  • So around 15 people getting out of the truck on into a group of waiting cars.

  • They called the police, but the people smuggling gang wasn't identified until after the 39 deaths.

  • 12 days later, the bodies of those who died on the fatal run were flown home to Vietnam on the two cousins were buried side by side.

Two men have been found guilty of the manslaughter off 39 Vietnamese men, women and Children who suffocated inside a lorry trailer as they were smuggled into Britain last October.

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Men guilty of causing deaths of 39 Vietnamese people who suffocated in lorry - BBC News

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