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  • so reportedly they pulled out a trade talks with former M V P.

  • Hardened always seemed an odd cultural fit for the heat.

  • But the real issue is a lack of tradable draft picks.

  • Those aren't my words.

  • That's Brian Wynne horse reporting that Max Europe first.

  • Um, do you think this is a mistake for the Heat to not get a deal done with James Harden?

  • Considering all the success they had last season as underdogs and they made it all the way to the, You know, conference championship.

  • No, I think it's a mistake to trade for James Harden.

  • They have a good thing going in Miami with young, ascending players in a mixed with established excellent players.

  • They have a great culture.

  • You hear about James Harden being enabled in Houston?

  • Uh, you know, taking, you know, showing up late for you know, But the team can't take off.

  • They have to wait for him.

  • He's going to party on off days and stuff like that.

  • It wouldn't be the same in Miami, and because of that, I don't think it would be a great fit.

  • You could argue that, in fact, that will help James Harden that Miami culture, but I don't know how he fits in there, and I wouldn't take the chance.

  • By the way, his defense has gotten better and better.

  • I'm not arguing that Harden is not a hard work around the floor.

  • Once upon a time, that was true on the defensive end.

  • I think he's made riel strides there, but I don't see him as a fit on a Pat Riley Erik Spoelstra team, especially when you consider how many times has hardened, had a teammate where they had like it couldn't work after a little while.

  • Like Harden needs the ball in his hands.

  • And even when it's his dude, it doesn't work after one season.

  • Westbrook.

  • It didn't work.

  • Chris Paul.

  • It didn't work.

  • Why would it work in Miami?

  • I would be leery if I were the Heat.

  • Not me, not me.

  • I would try.

  • I would make that move in the heartbeat and look.

  • I have all respect for Tyler, Herro, Duncan Robinson and whatever else they was often in the packages in the package to get James Harden.

  • But if you had a chance, if I'm the Miami Heat and I had a chance towpath James Harden up with a Jimmy Butler and the bam out of the by you.

  • I do that in a heartbeat, and I get it right.

  • Everybody is worried.

  • Oh, we're talking about South Beach.

  • We're talking about King of Diamonds.

  • We're talking about Club 11, and that's cool.

  • The good thing about it is that he's right there in Miami.

  • He will be at home so he could go there early in the daytime, and you wouldn't have to worry about him.

  • Attention flights.

  • So it'll be just fine.

  • And by the way, when you talk about the culture when you talk about the culture of the Miami Heat, when remember I was telling you Max that they were signed to God back by the name of you.

  • Donna's Haslem, who's from Day County, who's from Miami?

  • Who's the O g of the NBA?

  • Who's the guy that's not to be messed with that holds guys accountable, is one guy that James Harden would listen to in that locker room and and one guy that he will respect?

  • It is Mr Miami, and that's you done.

  • This has, um so I love Pat Riley.

  • I love exposure.

  • I love Miami culture, but I think they dropped the ball.

  • I would have traded for James Harden in the heartbeat, and I wouldn't even thought twice somebody.

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I think you normally go talent over culture, especially in this league, and I'm not sure why.

  • The obsession with draft picks so few draft picks pan out to help your team.

  • I'm not sure why that's holding up, but I think that what they have in Miami is something different.

  • I personally wouldn't make the James Harden trade because I know Herc.

  • You were talking about things your grandmother taught you earlier.

  • So my grandmother told me this, and she probably stole it from my Angelo.

  • But when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time we know James Harden is and what Miami is.

  • The Heat organization.

  • Maybe the City of Miami seems compatible with James Harden, but with the heat are does not seem like it is compatible with James Harden.

  • I don't know him personally.

  • I just know the articles that we have all read and I respect you.

  • D Everyone respects you don't has has them down there, but you can't change your person.

  • You can influence a person, but you d is not gonna make him into somebody he's not.

  • And I would I would understand if this was their only chance at a superstar.

  • There'll be another superstar who wants to move real soon.

  • It happens every six months and then ba wait around and get the right one because he's not it.

  • Yeah, when you get a chance to Yeah, he showed us who he is, who he is.

  • He showed us that he's a guy that could lead the league in scoring, averaging 30 plus a night and finishing the conversation you show you.

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so reportedly they pulled out a trade talks with former M V P.

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Was it a mistake for the Heat to give up on trading for James Harden? | First Take

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