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  • is Trevor Lawrence about to pull a Manning and he brings up.

  • He begins by pointing out all of the history between Trevor Lawrence, the young superstar quarterback at Clemson.

  • Everyone's idea of the best quarterback in this draft and one of the best quarterback prospects ever and the long standing relationship he has with the Manning family.

  • Trevor Lawrence grew up.

  • He wears number 16 because of Peyton.

  • He his favorite program.

  • His favorite college team when he was a kid was Tennessee, which is where Peyton went.

  • He wears 16 because that's what number of Peyton War.

  • He went to the Manning passing academy.

  • So we spent time around Peyton and Eli and Archie, with whom he apparently still texts Every now and again again.

  • All of this is enriched the Meanies column, and I will point out I posted it and make it easy for you to find if you want on my Twitter page at ESPN greeny on Twitter, you will find some Meanies column and he brings up what the two Manning sons did, and I want to give everyone a quick history lesson on this.

  • In case you're not aware of it.

  • Archie Manning, coming out of college at Ole Miss back in the late sixties, early seventies.

  • Something like that was a great player.

  • Ah, great player.

  • And I believe, the second pick in the draft, a super high draft pick and everyone thought was gonna be a great NFL player.

  • And he got drafted onto a terrible team and they stayed terrible forever.

  • And it basically took him from being what I think he thought he could have been and maybe could have been, which is an all time great player.

  • And he is generally not remembered.

  • He's now known for the most part as Peyton, and he lies Dad.

  • He was a great player in college and could have been, he thinks.

  • And I think most people think a great NFL player, and his career was kind of derailed by having been on a terrible team, terrible teams for years in New Orleans, all those awful teams in New Orleans when that was when the fans wearing the bags on their heads and everything else.

  • So he, through that expertise, guided both of his sons through decisions that really altered the National Football League.

  • The first of them was Peyton, who could easily have come out of college.

  • With one year remaining of eligibility that year, the New York Jets had the first pick in the draft.

  • They were one in 15.

  • They were just terrible and Peyton Manning opted to go back to school, and the Jets wound up trading the pick.

  • But that's neither here nor there, if a different program.

  • If a different team in the NFL had that pick, I believe history would have been rewritten.

  • I think Peyton would have come out steady, went back to college.

  • It obviously worked out just fine for him.

  • Eli.

  • A few years later, you will recall, the San Diego Chargers had the first pick in the draft.

  • The Manning family didn't want to go play in San Diego.

  • They engineered what turned out to be a draft day trade for Philip Rivers.

  • Eli wanted actually getting drafted by the Chargers and then traded that day a couple hours later for Philip Rivers and thus Rivers wound up with the Chargers and Eli with the Giants, and it worked out well for him.

  • Eli won two championships as a member of the Giants, so the question that Samedi brings up is well, Trevor Lawrence, pull one of those two.

  • Will he go back to school like Peyton did what she can do?

  • Will he exert pressure in the way Eli did to try and extricate himself from the situation with the Jets?

  • And I will merely say, like most geniuses, I will not be fully appreciated until long after my time.

  • Mine is that sort of rare genius that will not be fully appreciated until long after it's time, va genius.

  • You said your genius.

  • He's genius.

  • See, we're not gonna appreciate your brilliant until, you know, because I told you on October 2nd this was going to happen.

  • I went the day after the Jets played a Thursday night game against Denver.

  • They lost.

  • They look just terrible.

  • They committed stupid penalties.

  • It was evident to me in the first half of week one they were going to be the worst team in the NFL.

  • But I went on.

  • They lose that Thursday night.

  • I come into work on Friday morning and I get told you a key.

  • Shawn and Jay Will and Zubin want you on the radio show before you do get up.

  • I come on and I said that day, October 2nd, I said, Just watch Trevor Lawrence try and engineer his way out of going to the Jets.

  • And so now there is a column.

  • So, people, everyone is running around asking me, Greenie, what is your reaction to Seminis column?

  • My reaction is very simple.

  • I told you 2.5 months ago it was gonna happen.

  • It was nothing has ever been more obvious than this.

  • And do I expect it to happen?

  • Yes, I do.

  • I told you then it would happen.

  • So just keep an eye on that.

  • It is awfully depressing, but it is the reality of the situation.

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is Trevor Lawrence about to pull a Manning and he brings up.

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