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  • N64 Superman, crap.

  • Favorite game, best game? Favorite game?

  • By far, not there's not even.

  • I mean, I've got my top five

  • but the number one game ever made,

  • "Mario Kart: Double Dash."

  • Ooh

  • Okay, so yeah. Why specifically Double Dash?

  • Yeah, cause that double dash mechanic

  • of having two characters inside the cart

  • where both of them can have special weapons.

  • You can switch who the driver is.

  • So you can decide which item you're throwing

  • at your opponents.

  • Unbelievable. Incredible for its time, incredible for now.

  • But they just decided to not do that anymore.

  • Let's go back to regular Mario Kart because that's fun.

  • It is fun.

  • The latest Mario Kart.

  • Incredible. So much fun.

  • So fun

  • Where the hell is double dash?

  • Wait. So double dash was basically what was it?

  • Was it for

  • What was it? What was it on?

  • It was on Game Cube.

  • It's on Game Cube.

  • It's the reason I have a Game Cube.

  • Still? Do you still have it? Yeah. Yes, good.

  • The memory card, fully beat.

  • I don't know. I don't think that there's for me

  • at least there's not another game

  • that's as replayable as that.

  • You can play friends,

  • I can play by myself and I am ecstatic.

  • Also the fact that you can play two player

  • two players on the same kart

  • Aah,

  • Wait what!

  • Game-changing.

  • Yes. So you help each other steer

  • and drive and shoot the weapons.

  • Whoa, that's insane.

  • The strategies, the strategies

  • Yes

  • I mean that's so cool.

  • It's like in Halo.

  • Someone can drive the warthog and someone can shoot.

  • Yeah its absolute,

  • But Mario Kart, but in Mario Kart

  • But its cute

  • I'm not saying Master Chief isn't cute by the way

  • Under the helmet? Wow, what a guy.

  • So in high school is when this game came

  • out and the girl that I dated, we did two things constantly.

  • One of them was played Double Dutch

  • and so we're very good at, well,

  • The other one was yell at each other

  • and that's why we broke up.

  • Yes.

  • Let's play Superman.

  • Yeah, let's play Superman.

  • Yeah. Yes.

  • But she was the best woman in my wedding.

  • She was my best woman.

  • Wow. Oh my God

  • My double dutch for life

  • Oh my God

N64 Superman, crap.

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