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  • (upbeat music)

  • - S is for sports.

  • Welcome to Sesame Sports Street.

  • Well, I'm still working on the name.

  • Today is very exciting because I have

  • a very special guest.

  • Her name is Chloe Kim,

  • and she's a winner of an Olympic gold medal.

  • Hi Chloe Kim.

  • - Hi Big Bird.

  • - Chloe Kim, what is your favorite winter sport?

  • - Well--

  • - Mine is hockey.

  • Or curling.

  • Hockey or curling, it kinda goes back and forth.

  • Oh here, look.

  • That's hockey.

  • And that's curling.

  • It's really a sport, no kidding.

  • So, what's your favorite winter sport, Chloe Kim?

  • - Big Bird, it's actually the sport that I do,

  • which is snowboarding.

  • - Wonderful, snow boarding.

  • Well, I suppose you must use a board made out of snow,

  • right?

  • - Actually the snowboard isn't made out of snow.

  • So, it's a hard board like this.

  • You can see it's thin and long.

  • The sport is called snowboarding

  • because the board goes over the snow.

  • - Oh, the board goes over the snow.

  • (laughs)

  • Got it.

  • - When someone snowboards they ride on top of the board.

  • - Oh.

  • Hey uh, what are those two things there?

  • - See, your feet go in here.

  • So it's be like this.

  • Then you can snowboard down a snowy hill, like this.

  • - [Big Bird] Fascinating.

  • - Or you can even snowboard in a half pipe,

  • which is what I do.

  • Check it out.

  • - Oh, who's that?

  • - [Chloe] That's me.

  • I'm wearing special snowboarding clothes

  • to keep me warm and dry, a helmet to protect my head,

  • and goggles to protect my eyes.

  • Dropping into the half pipe here,

  • into a back side air,

  • this is a crippler seven,

  • which is kinda like a back-flip spin,

  • and this is a front side 1080.

  • - You landed that.

  • Wow.

  • That is an amazing sport.

  • Snowboarding.

  • And here I thought there were two winter sports,

  • and it turns out there are three.

  • - There's actually a lot more.

  • - Really, there are?

  • We're gonna have to have you back.

  • Thank you Chloe Kim for being our guest

  • on Sesame Sports Street.

  • Sports.

  • I'm still working on the name.

  • - How about S is for Sports?

  • - I love it.

  • (laughs)

  • Hey, could you play hockey on a snowboard,

  • while curling?

  • Is that one of the other sports you mentioned?

  • - [Chloe] No.

(upbeat music)

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Sesame Street: S is for Sports with Chloe Kim and Big Bird

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/22
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