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  • in total.

  • Inspecting a truck is a routine task in the military and traditionally considered a man's job.

  • Go Anastasia be.

  • Fong is transgender.

  • She's been living as a woman for some time and no longer identifies as a man.

  • Okay, be Fong is responsible for 700 soldiers in the Bundeswehr.

  • She took the major step of coming out after 20 years of military service.

  • Coming out as being transgender for me wasn't very easy.

  • Transgender was something in the early 19 was that was going to school, a topic that wasn't discussed anywhere?

  • Um, you couldn't google anything yet.

  • It was something that was always connected.

  • My own feelings with shame don't do that.

  • It's wrong.

  • I don't think there was very much acceptance in society in the nineties for transgender people at all.

  • Back when be, Fong lived as a man.

  • She was married to a woman and let a seemingly ordinary life.

  • But she felt tremendous emotional pain because her male body simply wasn't right for her.

  • E probably looked for flight into a typical male role.

  • The military probably helped that in that sense as well to perform two male standards, but my inner self was always crying after them, almost 20 years was struggling.

  • Um, I was at a point in my life where my emotional stability, my emotional well being well being was at the Congress that I don't want to live this way anymore.

  • Be Fong underwent sex change surgery, she continued in her old job after coming out as a woman putting on makeup is now part of her everyday routine.

  • Her second wife, Samantha, whom she met before undergoing surgery, has supported her from the start way.

  • E met Anna as a woman.

  • Already, Andi one can say she was just the one with the Penis, so actually the same person stayed.

  • I knew that she wanted to get rid off the pennies on.

  • I think when you love a person, you support the person.

  • Coming out as a transgender woman wasn't a stumbling block in her career.

  • Even in the military, Sergeant Major Dietmar Schroeder met Anastasia Be Fong after her sex reassignment.

  • He says the initial novelty quickly wore off even as transgenderism became a hotly debated issue worldwide, it wasn't true, e just accept that people are the way they are and that goes beyond transgenderism.

  • I feel the same way about other Mawr everyday things like what party they vote for.

  • What make of car.

  • They like to take um, or run of the mill example.

  • You just have to accept people the way they are.

  • E.

  • Now Anastasia be Fong is climbing higher up the career ladder.

  • She'll become the head of the division in the Buddhist cyber and information domain service in parallel to her military career.

  • It is her mission to stand up for transgender people in the German armed forces, promoting diversity and greater tolerance for what is an unusual path.

  • What I know from my experience is what is definitely certain.

  • If you are true to yourself and live the way you are awkwardly open, you will have a better life.

  • I think my mom once said it.

  • She seems to be finally happy.

  • Mhm.

in total.

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