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  • Here's what's included in the box.

  • A quick start guide, a welcome guide, the thermostat, the base plate and the screws.

  • Installation is simple.

  • You'll log into the Google Home App and follow the on screen instructions.

  • If you don't have a Google account already, go to accounts dot google dot com To set it up.

  • Open the Google Home App and click the add button.

  • Tap set up device.

  • Tap on, Set up new devices in your home, then select your home the apple Now search for your device When you see what are you setting up tap on thermostat?

  • Scan the code on the back of your thermostat.

  • Now gather all the tools you'll need.

  • Make sure your heating and or cooling system is working properly.

  • Before you start, go to your homes breaker box and turn off the switch that controls the power to your heating and cooling system.

  • This will protect it during installation.

  • If you need to.

  • You can also turn off the main power switch at the breaker box.

  • Next, follow the steps in the APP to remove the front of your thermostat and check the type of system you have.

  • Take a picture of the wires with your phone so you can reference it if you need thio.

  • Now check if your thermostat is connected to thick wires with wire nuts or if it's labeled 1, 10, 1 20 or 2 40 volts.

  • If either of these conditions exist, you have a high voltage system, which is not compatible with nest thermostats.

  • Do not connect a nest thermostat to these high voltage wires.

  • Your system is not compatible.

  • If your system is compatible, tap not high voltage to continue.

  • If you purchased a trim kit, you'll need to install it before you install your thermostat.

  • Tap.

  • I have a trim kit and follow the APP instructions.

  • When you attach the base plate and connect the wires, make sure the connector button stays down after inserting each wire.

  • Otherwise, your thermostat may not get enough power, and you won't be able to finish set up next.

  • Remove the battery tab from the back of the display.

  • Position the display with the Google logo right side up, and push it onto the base until you hear a click.

  • Now go to the circuit breaker and turn the power back on.

  • Next.

  • Select your language, then the APP will test the installation to make sure your thermostat is getting enough power.

  • Now follow the remaining steps to tell your thermostat a few more things about your system.

  • You'll select the mode you want to use when you turn your system on and then you'll connect to WiFi.

Here's what's included in the box.

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How To Install Nest Thermostat

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