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  • Children and schools and Cameroon's English speaking region have become common targets off the separatists fighting for secession.

  • The separatists say the government, in Yeah Wonder, has neglected the Anglophone region in the majority French speaking country, and they have now declared their own state, called Amazonia.

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  • Sadri increase reports.

  • They've attacked schools to pressure the government.

  • Four years ago, residents off the predominantly English speaking western Cameroon protested peacefully against the perceived neglect off the central government, which reacted violently.

  • Since then, civil war has broken out.

  • Separatists are fighting for secession and their own state, Amazonia to pressure the regime there, forcing schools to close.

  • In November, this school was attacked and set on fire shortly before seven Children in another school in Cuba were murdered.

  • In the meantime, some schools have opened again with lessons taught uneasily under military protection.

  • One boy tells us he is scared of being kidnapped by separatists, way in front of one of the schools in bomb end.

  • At the moment, it's morning and you can see many of the students are arriving without school uniforms, and they're coming here in front of the entrance to change to wear them because they're afraid of wearing the uniforms on their way to school way travel further into the countryside, where many schools are still closed, like here in the village off number.

  • But there's a glimmer of hope.

  • Maybe local priest Roland Ari has built a youth center where teenagers learn a trade and Children are given an alternative school program three times a week.

  • They have seen war, nothing.

  • Guns.

  • The same people use power in a very responsible way.

  • If someone the note used the 11 a profitable way, did the life loses meaning itself?

  • Does this taste so you can do anything with it?

  • Because there's no value for it.

  • So a center like this is really a blessing.

  • I think we're already making a difference.

  • In September, the village school was set to reopen, but separatists have driven away the teachers.

  • This is how one of the classrooms looks from insights.

  • Benches are destroyed.

  • You can still see parts off the books scattered around on the ground.

  • The school has been closed for four years now, and we were told by the residents here that it was the separatist fighters who came here to destroy everything.

  • They took some of the benches out to set up barricades on the roads.

  • The school symbolizes a lot for the community that aspires for development and growth, and it tells the story looking at city issues.

  • How off out off reality we are about to is like nobody really cares.

  • It's It's so painful.

  • It's You cannot even expressively on you cannot.

  • You cannot.

  • Beyond the physical structure, the human structure.

  • This is destroyed.

  • How does a community like this beauty future with Children go to school?

  • Priest Ari wants the Children here to be finally able to live a normal life.

  • For four years, he says, neither governments nor separatists have been ready to enter serious dialogue, you know.

Children and schools and Cameroon's English speaking region have become common targets off the separatists fighting for secession.

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