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  • Hey guys! This is Norm

  • He's been in a couple of my videos now, I think only on my second channel though

  • So maybe some of you don't know him

  • He's my good friend from Canada

  • We never met in Canada though

  • Go to my second channel for the story of how we met

  • Today we are going to "Arakawa Traditional Crafts Fair"

  • It's a traditional craft fair

  • Where they're selling lots of traditional Japanese crafts

  • Apparently all the proceeds go to helping rebuilding of Northern Japan

  • So yeah, that's pretty awesome

  • So we're going to go there, hope they have some cool stuff to show you guys!

  • That's really cool! I've never seen anyone make one

  • That looks so complicated!

  • That will turn into this when she's all finished!

  • Unfortunately this person is on lunch break

  • You can see they were stencilling patterns onto this cloth

  • and it looks like they were making "noren" - curtains

  • Pretty~ We'll have to come back when they are here so we can watch them

  • Hammering metal fans

  • There's someone making tatami here

  • They've got samples

  • I didn't realize there were so many different colours of tatami

  • I thought it was just a standard green

  • Whoa black! That's cool

  • They have multi-coloured! Striped if you will

  • That's awesome

  • You see this tiny little blue thing along the edge?

  • That has to be hand placed along the entire thing

  • I can see that taking a while

  • Oh yeah! It's got R2D2

  • Oh my god, I did not notice that!

  • He was just explaining that these designs over here

  • are originally from 100 years ago

  • and they get passed down to the new technicians

  • So they can keep up the traditional designs

  • But these ones over here, are some newer designs

  • Everything is carved out by hand

  • Oh wow! At this station they're making hair pieces

  • Traditional hair accessories

  • These are so pretty!

  • They can get really detailed

  • Norm's gonna serenade us

  • Building a shamisen

  • Hello~

  • I want all of them!

  • I like that blue one

  • It would be cool to have a set of all different ones

  • Norm also made a mini-series about our day together

  • If you guys wanna see those videos, I will link the playlist down below!

  • They're unlisted, but if you go through the playlist you're able to see them :)

  • Thanks for watching! And I will see you soon, bye!

Hey guys! This is Norm

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Amazing Traditional Japanese Crafts 日本の伝統技術

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    Summer posted on 2020/12/20
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