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  • on his way to winning 72 games after that to win the championship, the all time record at the time of the regular season.

  • He swept a 60 win Shaq Penny team in their primes, swept them goodbye and then being a 64 win team with Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp in the finals, Thes were 60 plus wind teams.

  • He beat the Stockton and Malone teams twice.

  • He beat the Magic Johnson James Worthy team when he first won his first title.

  • This idea that Jordan went against soft competition.

  • The reason?

  • It seems that way because a lot of those cats didn't work when championships because Jordan beaten.

  • That's why they didn't win championships because they play in the Jordan era.

  • Max.

  • First of all, I never said Jordan went against soft competition.

  • I never said that that never came out of my mouth.

  • But what I do know is that I came in the league with LeBron James in 2000 and three and the league was physical.

  • The league still had guys like Ron Artest, Jermaine O'Neal, Stephen Jackson, uh, Shack, Gary Payton.

  • All these guys were still in the league.

  • The league was physical.

  • The league was physical from 2003 to 2011.

  • No, from 2000 and 12.

  • Max Max.

  • First of all, I just told you that Championship should not define should play a major part, but it should not define the whole should not write the whole story.

  • This is not an individual.

  • Uh, this is not an individual sport, Max, no matter how you want to say.

  • But that is not the Onley thing, but it's a big thing.

  • And Stephen A, you're right.

  • You can't hold all the losses in the finals against LeBron like you can't hold going up against that Warriors team with K d.

  • Who was gonna beat that team?

  • Let's throw those two out the first time he made the finals with the Cavs.

  • All prepped credit to LeBron for making the finals the first time they lost to the Warriors KD and Chirico.

  • Kevin Love and Kyrie got hurt credit to LeBron for taking it six.

  • But the first loss against Dallas in Miami and the last loss against the Spurs in Miami.

  • Those were loaded teams.

  • No excuses.

  • Jordan never lost a series like when Jordan was loaded.

  • He never lost series like that.

  • All of that just to say you agree with me, Why didn't you just say Stephen, I agree with you.

  • That's exactly what I said, Max.

  • I mean, I understand, but the bottom line is, at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter.

  • What it comes down to is LeBron, James and MJ.

  • Like Kendrick, Perkins said, They ain't at the same day in the table.

  • I'm not gonna refute that.

  • KP.

  • So you could lift up your head and stop looking depressed pastors past the purpose.

  • All I'm saying is that at the same dinner table, but it ain't MJ look, and I'm not.

  • I'm not listen to Steven and Max.

  • This is This is what you are feeling to realize.

  • I'm a fan of Michael Jordan's right, but like I said, we could go.

  • You could come down here toe Texas and I take you straight to the swamps.

  • Old country bone might why I grew up in and we could go talk with all my great uncles and they go argue, argue down and say Kareem is the greatest of all time.

  • Then when we get to your generation, you and Matt pushing 50 line, Y'all go talk.

  • Y'all go talk about my Kareem.

  • It comes my general.

  • I didn't say he wasn't.

  • Max cannot finish.

  • I'm just telling you, it could be a argument or debate it prefers is just on what you prefer.

  • What part of that you don't get?

  • Yeah, but Jordan at the head of the table perc.

  • Jesus, You're the head of the table.

  • Uh, Russell, Kareem and LEBRON or they're going with the head of the table.

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on his way to winning 72 games after that to win the championship, the all time record at the time of the regular season.

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