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  • Diana, let me ask you about the Giants.

  • We saw Daniel Jones come back last week.

  • He was so limited.

  • What is the latest on who starts for the Giants Sunday night against Cleveland?

  • Greeny.

  • Today is a gigantic day for Daniel Jones in terms of his health and whether that this coaching staff feels that he is strong enough and ready to go.

  • There was video on Wednesday of him stretching, working out with the team, that small window that the media is allowed to be at, and he just looked OK, Okay, And of course, this was Wednesday.

  • Thursday practice was canceled, which is why today is so important to see how he's recovered from that Wednesday practice, but also where he's at.

  • Because remember, he's dealing with two injuries.

  • We got a hamstring, which always sort of lingers, that never 100% heels.

  • And he's also dealing with a sprained ankle that he suffered during the game.

  • So today we should know more about Daniel Jones.

  • And, of course, if he can't go, it's cold.

  • McCoy.

  • So let me quickly ask R C and barred about this one here.

  • R.

  • C.

  • Let's talk about it.

  • What is your sense.

  • Having seen what we saw last week and what was a disappointing loss for the Giants, Who do you think should start?

  • Listen, Ah, hobbled.

  • Daniel Jones is a horse that should stay in the pasture, a horse that you shouldn't let get out and run.

  • Listen, when he can go, he's a third rate.

  • He's one of the more athletic quarterbacks in this league, but he's if he can't.

  • Let's go with Colt McCoy, and I know people are gonna say, OK, it's Colt McCoy.

  • He's much more miniature pony than he is coat.

  • But when you don't have a Daniel Jones that can move.

  • If you don't have a Daniel Jones that can create in the pocket now you open him up to his turnover issues.

  • Now guys can get to him, put hats on him and allow him and give themselves a chance to get the ball out on Daniel Jones.

  • He makes you a worst team when he can't move, when he can't maneuver when he can't add to the run game.

  • And so I say go with Colt McCoy, allow Wayne Goldman and that run game to lead you and play defense on the other side of the football because Daniel Jones, when he's a dual threat quarterback, is a solid football player, a football player that can win you games.

  • A one legged Daniel Jones can't do anything but lose football games for you.

  • And we saw him do that last week against the Cardinals.

  • Eso Bart, let me ask you, you cover this team closely every day on your radio show on ESPN Radio New York, going national in a couple of weeks, do you?

  • After that disappointing loss last week, do you still believe the Giants could win this division?

  • Um, it's gonna be tough because they have to go through two teams in which there's gonna be tough sledding against you.

  • Think about the Cleveland Browns.

  • They have playoff aspirations.

  • Also, you think about that.

  • They have the Baltimore Ravens.

  • After that, the only homecoming game they have left is the Dallas Cowboys, Um, toe RCs point.

  • You know, if you can't really go in.

  • I thought they went all in with Daniel jokes.

  • They thought the game that they could win with the Cardinals and the Cowboys and the first to seven in this division is probably gonna lock this division up.

  • This is time to have the talk.

  • And I know it's uncomfortable situation in which we have the players, but it's time to say, Listen, we're all in.

  • We only need you to get us one.

  • Or maybe two.

  • We might have.

  • We might have to shoot that thing up.

  • Um, you're gonna be sore.

  • It's gonna hurt you later on.

  • We don't know if you're gonna tear something, but if we could get to the postseason when the divisional title, it may be time to have that toured.

  • All talk.

  • Maybe that pain shot talk.

  • And that's just the reality of the NFL.

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Diana, let me ask you about the Giants.

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