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  • I bought a ticket.

  • Goodnight.

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  • Okay, I have in my hand, you know people importing Honda Path.

  • Hi, inventor Sorrow What?

  • Kitty Blanton is on a mission to transform chicken feathers into fine dining delicacy dishes.

  • The 30 year old started a project called a lighter delicacy to prove that feathers normally a waste item in the poultry industry, can become a new alternative food source.

  • Kitty Blanton converts the nutrient component found within feathers into a powder that could be cooked and formed into edible shapes.

  • Three Minutemen Who won the one?

  • The one that I don't know how much I want.

  • Okay.

  • Hello.

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  • What?

  • I'm 14.

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  • Kitty Blanton found that about 2.3 million tons of feathers are being dumped away in Europe every year.

  • He estimates that number could be up to 30% higher in Asia due to the higher consumption of poultry products.

  • So the idea of turning although wasted feathers into food seems noble enough.

  • But How does it taste?

  • Food blogger Coal rap E.

  • As Fitchitt tried it out, I feel like the texture, the fatty that you see and everything.

  • It really gave me the feeling that I really eating the rial meat like the real rate meet.

  • You know, the texture is like very complex on bond advanced like it's something that you would never imagine that you know, Chicken Feather would be, you know, be able to improvise into, like, this kind of dash.

  • And I really could imagine this serving to me in some, like Michelin star or like some fine dining experience, like I can really imagine it serving one day.

  • He says that right now the project is in the early research stage on needs development, but he has plans for next steps.

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  • That's wrong, not Hanka dot tv.

I bought a ticket.

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Future of Food: Transforming chicken feathers into fine dining

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/20
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