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  • Many of the 300 plus schoolboys kidnapped in northern Nigeria are now free.

  • The boys, who were abducted from their school in the northwestern state of Casino, were seen arriving at government buildings on Friday.

  • The students will undergo medical examinations before being reunited with her loved ones.

  • Nigeria's presidents, as their release was quote a big relief to their families, the entire country and the international community.

  • The jihadist group Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

  • D W correspondent.

  • Why so address joins me now from Abuja.

  • Uh, why so good to have you with us?

  • We just saw the boys arriving at Katsina State governor at the Casino state governor's Office at they walked their themselves barefoot, some carrying their belongings.

  • What more do we know about how they are?

  • Yeah, the boys arrived in Cassina, the at the Government House.

  • They have been received by the governors on their on their avoiding kind of registration on then, taking their health to make sure that you don't have any conception.

  • Haven't been away for this a long time on sending the bushes.

  • Only one shed one trouser.

  • So they look healthy.

  • Onda people are happy the government is happy on.

  • The parents are happy.

  • How big of a victory is their rescue for the President?

  • He had come under a lot of fire for his handling of the situation.

  • Well, it is a big relief for the president getting these boys, uh, rescued or released after a negotiation.

  • But you know people are you Can I sit and say no?

  • This is not something that the presentation be happy about bearing in mind what happened?

  • Uh, she was in Cassina.

  • He was in Iraq, has said when this abduction happened.

  • Buhari has repeatedly claimed Boko Haram has been technically defeated.

  • What does this kidnapping tell us about their presence and strength in Nigeria?

  • It really farms what many people have been saying.

  • Boko Haram has not been technically defeated.

  • They're still around.

  • They're strong.

  • They're only reduced.

  • What they come to town to do?

  • Attack, bomb, attack!

  • But what happened in my degree as a bar Mary, where this louder so many people is a physical evidence on then?

  • Now the abduction of the school Guess they have already pushed So, Minister government Six states have closed down schools in the northern part of the country.

  • D w correspondent, Why so address in Abuja?

  • Thank you for that update.

  • Thank you.

Many of the 300 plus schoolboys kidnapped in northern Nigeria are now free.

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