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  • July 31st.

  • 1944 sir.

  • Not gonna lose the shit with Commander Lawson.

  • Ramage fixated on another target in Japanese convoy.

  • My 11 a course alot deck battle helmsman Chet Stanton has made the decision to evade in escort that threatens to ram the American submarine.

  • A crew of us as party wait to see if Stanton acted quickly enough to avoid disaster.

  • It's incredibly stressful time for these guys.

  • You're not actively involved in a fight yet.

  • This fight determines whether or not you're gonna live or die.

  • A 04 25.

  • The submarine is halfway across the bow of the enemy ship.

  • Right.

  • Full rudder.

  • Commander Ramage belatedly orders.

  • Ah, Hard turn, Starbird!

  • Just in time.

  • Arci Stern swings clear.

  • The American submarine narrowly escapes.

  • Chet Stanton became something of a hero to the crew because had he not had the foresight to go ahead and order emergency all ahead, they would probably have been sliced in half.

  • We're clear.

  • Archie's crew has outmaneuvered the Japanese escort, but a bigger challenge looms.

  • Yeah, Now, deep within the convoy, an enemy transport lies straight ahead.

  • But hemmed in by other vessels, Ramage has only one option you must target the bow.

  • The narrowest part of the ship called it down the throat shot.

  • It is not recommended if the enemy ship is more than 1500 yards away.

  • Although the distance between party and its target is greater fire, Ramage decides to risk it.

  • First.

  • Torpedo, Mrs.

  • But Ramage fires two more.

  • It's this time.

  • Yeah, his torpedo strike True, Heavily damaged ship comes to a rumbling halt.

  • There is more good news.

  • Runner Ramage sees a gap in the convoys vessels that crowded him.

  • He wheels around to take aim at the wounded ship from its side.

  • Ah, bigger target and much easier shot to make fire.

  • Yeah, A single torpedo finishes the vessel.

  • Ramage is perseverance pays off.

  • It turns out it is a transport ship that carries Japanese troops.

  • More than 2400 soldiers are lost.

  • It see still Archie Stunning performance against convoy.

  • My 11 will become known as Ramage is rampage.

  • In less than an hour, Party has fired 19 torpedoes and scored at least 14 hits.

  • Really a submarine.

  • Historian Clay Blair once said this was the most dramatic 48 minutes of the entire submarine work as dawn breaks, Ramage gives the order to pull clear of the convoy.

  • Let's get out of here.

  • As they depart, they receive a message.

  • All of a sudden, this Japanese ships start signaling.

  • And with the internationally recognized code for What's Your name?

  • Who are you?

  • And Ramage and his deck crew get a real kick out of that and they're like, Well, he's probably got paperwork to fill out, too.

July 31st.

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A Submarine Assault | WW2 Hell Under the Sea

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