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  • and we're following a developing story here on SportsCenter surrounding James Harden's future.

  • In the last hour, Agent Ward Janowski in Ramona Shelburne are reporting that the Rockets are expanding trade talks on James Harden beyond the Nets and the Sixers.

  • His two choices.

  • The Rockets open up their season next Wednesday against the Thunder.

  • As of right now, Harden on the team scheduled to play for the squad.

  • Let's bring in a gym or Janowski with much more on this story.

  • Watch what has changed in the last few days surrounding this situation and harden Kevin.

  • More dialogue with MAWR teams in Houston has become engaged, I'm told with teams in both the Eastern and Western Conference is, and I think there is becoming more of a comfort level among teams in the league to get involved in these James Harden talks toe offer up significant assets.

  • Ah, young players, all star level players, draft picks.

  • You know, combinations of all that without number one.

  • A promise that James Harden will resign with you in two years, when he could become ah, free agent.

  • They're working in concert with Hardened on this.

  • He's aware of a lot of these scenarios and I think teams air seeing worked.

  • There's a little more of a confidence out there that the potential deal of Harden may not be Philadelphia or the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Okay, you mentioned Philadelphia in your report.

  • You you talk about the Sixers willingness to include Ben Simmons in a potential trade.

  • What more are you hearing about this Kevin that the Sixers have signaled signaled a willingness in these talks to include Simmons in deals that include Harden but likely would need to include Ah lot mawr.

  • They haven't really gotten traction.

  • Philadelphia and Houston on ah, heart and deal.

  • Um, you know, they have talked and they talked about a number of scenarios, and among them, Ben Simmons has been brought up in, uh, but right now, Philadelphia is reluctant to break up that Embiid Simmons partnership without a massive haul back.

  • And I think in their minds, perhaps even more than James Harden.

  • But these air negotiations the N B.

  • A.

  • Just announced tonight the trade deadline is setting out for March 25th.

  • Not sure it's going to go that long.

  • Houston, listen.

  • They would like to get a deal done if they can find the right deal and move on from this.

  • But they have a package, a threshold that they want to reach, and they're going to keep moving toward that.

  • But there has been more conversation with more teams here in the last few days.

  • Alright, good note.

  • Their March 25th, the trade deadline this upcoming season for the N.

  • B A.

  • Well, we we will monitor this developing story surrounding James Harden as the season opener for the league is five days away.

  • Won't appreciate the time.

  • Thanks, Kevin.

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and we're following a developing story here on SportsCenter surrounding James Harden's future.

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Woj: The Rockets are expanding James Harden trade talks beyond Nets & 76ers | SportsCenter

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