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  • slow brain.

  • Oh, oh, Charlie Brown.

  • Did you catch that?

  • You've got great hands.

  • I dio why you're standing out here all alone on the pitcher's mound.

  • Baseball season's over.

  • Let's play some football.

  • I don't know.

  • I'm not very good at football.

  • I can never seem to kick one.

  • So kicking is not your specialty.

  • Maybe you can throw.

  • You might have the makings of a world class quarterback.

  • Me a quarterback.

  • Do you really think so?

  • Sure.

  • I'll show you how to throw like a pro.

  • First off, the tips of your fingers should touch the laces.

  • That's right.

  • Now grab the football like a sandwich.

  • What type of sandwich?

  • And pull the ball behind your ear.

  • Just like that.

  • This is important.

  • Square your shoulders with the goalpost.

  • Now you're aiming.

  • I am now.

  • Step toward your target and lean on your back foot and push all your weight into the throat.

  • This is the critical part.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • You've got to try and see over your blockers and find your wide receiver.

  • I do called the play you receiver Face right.

  • He fakes left.

  • He's sprinting to the 15 yard line.

  • Is there enough time for him to get into position.

  • Is the receiver clear?

  • Well, your past be intercepted.

  • Do you call it an alternative play?

  • Do you run the ball?

  • I don't know.

  • You start to run, but the past not clear.

  • The guards can't hold the line.

  • You've got to throw the ball, Charlie around.

  • Throw the ball.

  • Throw it O s.

  • So you wanna play football, Charlie Brown?

  • Oh, Oh, It's gonna be a long season.

slow brain.

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Snoopy | 101 Football: Catch it, Charlie Brown! | BRAND NEW Peanuts Animation | Videos for Kids

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