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  • the government's plans to test millions of school pupils in England when they return in January is under livable.

  • That's according to teaching union school governors.

  • The Church of England and Colleges ministers announced the plans yesterday along with the staggered return to the classroom.

  • But schools say it will be impossible to recruit and train the thousands of people needed to carry out tests in the next two weeks.

  • Our education editor, Brammer Jeffries, reports to think about what's gone well, first of all this time, the last lessons before Christmas.

  • But not all pupils will be back at the start of term.

  • Well, we made it.

  • Can you believe the way we started back in September, doing his best to be cheerful in assembly?

  • But the head expects to work through Christmas on testing, as I feel absolutely physically and emotionally exhausted after what has definitely been the toughest term ever in 20 years in teaching.

  • When I when I heard this news two days ago, I actually felt rather broken because I just thought, How are we going to get all of this done in the timeframes that we've been given?

  • And it just feels overwhelming to set up school testing means finding a large, well ventilated room, separate swapping and processing areas.

  • Staff to test process record Aunt Clean Thes Could be volunteers or agency staff Online training before testing starts on getting consent from parents.

  • It's a massive logistical exercise we're testing, as I said, 5.5 million secondary school students.

  • This is a very good news story.

  • It's all about making sure we can keep the schools open.

  • This afternoon, the government was warned it might not be possible school governors teaching unions, the Church of England on colleges all saying this is rushed and chaotic, aunt telling schools that if they can't manage it, they don't have to have testing in place for the beginning of term.

  • Parents now face some teenagers being at home, not in school.

  • When term starts.

  • People sprung on us yesterday, so it's childcare in the New year.

  • If both of them go back or if only one of them goes back, we don't know yet.

  • Christmas term is over, but not for all teachers.

  • Government advice on testing is due to arrive just before Christmas.

the government's plans to test millions of school pupils in England when they return in January is under livable.

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Plan to test millions of school pupils in England is “undeliverable” - BBC News

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