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  • Kirk's question about Devante Smith.

  • Very important look at the record book and even where he ranked 2nd and 3rd.

  • He's got a great opportunity to hold all of those records.

  • You think about the Alabama receivers, Maybe Jerry Judy shift here.

  • Amari Cooper and Calvin Ridley have edges as technicians.

  • Henry rugs and Jaylen Waddle.

  • Maybe a hair faster.

  • Julio Jones certainly Mawr imposing.

  • But the Slim Reaper Devante Smith might cast the biggest shadow of any Alabama receiver in Tonight.

  • He goes back into a stadium where he had what would be a crescendo moment for anyone, a play that would be relived over and over again and celebrated.

  • But his Tom Rinaldi tells us remarkably, if you bring up the national championship winning walk off catch against Georgia.

  • To Smith, that's the one pass.

  • He'd probably just a soon drop.

  • Thank you.

  • I loathe two freshmen.

  • True freshman talking about Devon Smith.

  • It was an indelible play, but for Devante Smith, never an ultimate peak.

  • I didn't want to be a one hit wonder.

  • Somebody did something one time and then just come back and there's nothing.

  • Actually, I just wanna keep building on it.

  • Keep growing not the cheers of the roars.

  • This is the sound every day after every practice, that describes Smith best 100 catches minimum ritual that leads to results.

  • It's helped a lot just because when I'm in the game and the ball is being thrown to me, it just feels different when it's coming to me.

  • And then when it hit my hands, it's just like, Okay, I could tell that me catching 100 passes every day is really paying off.

  • Here's the snap.

  • Matt looks ends on which the what.

  • Now a senior, Smith has become one of the sport's most electrifying players.

  • This season.

  • He has the most receiving touchdowns in SEC history.

  • It is good on sort shown.

  • Delonte Smith scores it a front runner for the Bullet Nick off award, and he's emerged as a serious candidate for the Heisman Trophy, all made possible by his choice last spring to forego the NFL draft on return for his senior season.

  • I got people here saying stay people here saying go So it was really hard the day before, I just officially put it out.

  • It's probably when I made myself the number one reason was to get my degree.

  • Oh, relentless work and constant study Smith has learned from his elite former teammates and absorbed their examples.

  • What have you learned from Calvin?

  • Ridden?

  • Talks down Colvin friendly.

  • He really taught me just that your job is to catch passes.

  • Your job is to get over.

  • So do your job.

  • Jerry.

  • Jerry, too, is said with just the way he sets people up with body language of the release.

  • Just how it looks toe a TV.

  • Henry.

  • It's just, Yeah, you're like, I'm just gonna run by speed like you can't teach speed.

  • Just run.

  • Trust your speed.

  • Mhm.

  • We might watch the highlights again and again.

  • Devante Smith doesn't.

  • He's working, reaching, rising to earn whatever comes next.

  • Me as a player, I've gotten a whole lot smarter.

  • I approach every game the same.

  • I come out there, I'm gonna give mall.

  • I'm gonna go out there and try to execute the game plan the best way I can.

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Kirk's question about Devante Smith.

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Alabama wide receiver DeVonta Smith on taking his peak to the next level | College GameDay

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