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  • all right.

  • Our Mallika Andrews is with us here.

  • She has, ah profile on Yanis that you can check out right now on ESPN plus and Malika.

  • He had until Monday This coming Monday to make this decision.

  • How did this come about yesterday?

  • Well, greeny, we've always known that Yannis loves the city of Milwaukee, right?

  • What he was weighing is did he see potential toe win win it all in this window?

  • Because after covering Yanis for three years, I've come to understand that really, besides his family theme Onley thing most important to him, is succeeding is winning on the basketball court.

  • And so that's what he was weighing.

  • But ultimately, his loyalty, combined with conversations with his agent, Alex Surratt, says, and then looking at the bucks off season moves led him to look around and say, You know what?

  • This is where I want to be.

  • I want to announce that the show is going to go on.

  • Well, look, this is about the most important thing that could happen to this franchise and in anyone's imagination.

  • So what was the reaction within the bucks yesterday?

  • Oh, I mean, sheer joy green because you imagine anything else, right?

  • I was sent a photo from someone within the Bucks offices yesterday of champagne flutes and bottles of champagne waiting for him to sign his actual contract.

  • I was texted gifts of people wiping sweat off of their brows of throwing confetti into the air.

  • They are excited to be keeping this superstar because it came down to a little bit closer to the deadline.

  • Some people were looking around like, Hey, what's going to happen here?

  • But now maybe he can finally put those pens that Chris Middleton and his teammates gave him to some use.

  • Okay, so we have one of our two big NBA storylines settled.

  • We know what Yannis is going to do.

  • Now.

  • We have to figure out what James Harden is going to do.

  • He played last night.

  • What is the latest on Harden and his desire to get out of Houston?

  • Well, that hasn't changed.

  • Greeny, Tim MacMahon and Adrian Would Jodorowsky have reported most recently that Philadelphia continues to be somewhere that James Harden has circled, but there hasn't necessarily been any extreme movement on that front.

  • Tim MacMahon has a great story up on ESPN dot com.

  • This morning detailing that inside the Rockets culture, it could be summed up as quote Whatever James wants.

  • And that includes this.

  • He is used to getting his way within the organization, Tim MacMahon reported, and that has been they considered good business to keep him happy and helped the franchise.

  • But his desire to be traded hasn't changed, and he's used to getting what he wants from this franchise.

  • We'll see obviously, these air totally different circumstances, because if he gets what he wants, he won't be a part of the franchise anymore.

  • Malika again, The pieces up on ESPN plus right now about Yanis, Thank you very much.

  • Meanwhile, let me get up and go through some of the other n BA storylines.

  • Luca Dantchev has separated himself from you.

  • Honest.

  • He has emerged as a clear favorite to win three MBA's M V P Award.

  • The two opened as co favorites, but since then Don Don Check has become the solo favorite at plus 400 elsewhere.

  • Lakers coach Frank Vogel said yesterday that LeBron James and Anthony Davis will play in tonight's preseason game against the Sun's.

  • It'll be their first NBA action since winning the championship two months ago.

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all right.

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Malika Andrews on the NBA's biggest stories: Giannis signs the supermax & Harden wants out | Get Up

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