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  • There's some sort of tension between B A and T V 12, but you played in Tampa.

  • You know Bruce Arians?

  • He's saying no such thing and you kind of agree.

  • Well, it's just not.

  • It's just not Bruce Arians, his coaches all around, And I think in what happens in these situations is people will take what Bruce said earlier about.

  • There were guys that are open.

  • We missed some throws and they take that as criticism with Tom or any player for that matter.

  • When you're having a conversation and they run with it and all, it must be some sort of tension going on.

  • They're not on the same page.

  • All of those sort of things and understanding and knowing Bruce errands as a head coach, this is who he is.

  • It's not personal at off he It's not like he doesn't like Tom Brady doesn't want Tom Brady be the quarterback.

  • I think for whatever reason, people like to drum things up and make it mawr in sensationalizing Mawr for Clickbait.

  • I don't see where there's no major issues.

  • He's a head coach.

  • If he says that, hey, we missed some throws, we missed some throws What's the big deal?

  • What's the big deal about it?

  • Because you know why?

  • Because you've never seen Bill Belichick do that because Bill Belichick didn't do it for 20 years.

  • It's something new to your ears in your eyes.

  • So all of a sudden, a new quarterback that comes over from the New England Patriots with six Super Bowls and nine appearances, no one should ever say anything about Tom Brady at all.

  • Everything should be roses, and it doesn't work that way.

  • I'm sorry.

  • It is Bruce Arians, the only one who is allowed to say something critical about Tom Brady.

  • Like, Is it in the contract that he has with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

  • That he's three Onley person specified in the world to say something critical about Tom Brady?

  • You can't be critical someone of a degree, even if it's not personal key of your quarterback, and then try to throw shade of other people for being critical of your quarterback like it sounds hypocritical.

  • And look, I understand this is the way Bruce Arians coach I get.

  • This is his M o.

  • This is the way that he's built, but you can't sit up there at the podium after.

  • It's been a multitude of games where you may not have said Tom Brady's name, but you've talked about Miss read coverages.

  • You've talked about Mike Evans being open.

  • You talked about things that you want to see your quarterback improve on.

  • And then when the media takes that and they start running away with that narrative, considering all the firepower that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have and what it may be unrealistic.

  • But internally even.

  • I think they had higher expectations, even for where they are right now.

  • I don't think they expected to be blasted.

  • What 38 to 3 by the Saints get swept by the Saints.

  • I don't think they expected toe to be in those situations, but you you can't be then hypocritical and then throw shade towards the media for being hypocritical of Tom Brady, a person that you've been critical of the whole time.

  • It just doesn't seem like that makes sense, doesn't it?

  • It for me.

  • I don't have a problem with it.

  • I understand where he's coming from the media and it's not whoever the media, social media, whatever the case may be, they jump on stuff and they run with it and try to create something more than what it is like, he said.

  • Tom Brady, You won the game.

  • First of all, Tom Brady put up the points necessary to win the football game against the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Now, when you start to look a things and you start to try to poke holes in things, you could come up and said any type of narrative about a situation you choose to do so I don't see where there's an issue with the to Tom.

  • Brady has never gonna record with anybody saying he has an issue with Bruce Arians coaching style and vice versa with Bruce and Tom Brady.

  • That's all I'm seeing.

  • I hear your key, but isn't we talked about this, though, too?

  • I mean, the Vikings left 13 points on the poor.

  • Doesn't matter how many left.

  • Doesn't matter, I understand.

  • But how, But you know how you win matters, though.

  • I mean, I know a win is a win, but you still break down.

  • They may not win.

  • They may not win another game this year, scoring 30 or more points.

  • They may not win another game this year, but they may win games, and as long as they're winning games, why do they have to be the 2008 New England Patriots or the 1920 19 Kansas City Chiefs?

  • Why can't they just win?

  • The style in which they are is because your eyes have told you for 15 years that Tom Brady has done it this way and you're sending doing it a different way.

  • And you keep trying toe rub your eyes that thio clear yourself up because what you're seeing you don't like.

  • That is what is going on.

  • Not you personally.

  • Not you personally people but you.

  • But you can understand how it looks optically, though, right?

  • How it looks for Bruce Arians, and I like anything in a different approach where he's trying to back his quarterback for the first time.

  • I like that.

  • It's just a different approach than what he's had the entire year, a different approach and because it's been a it's new and it's a different approach and people aren't used to seeing it, that's all.

  • It just not used to seeing it.

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There's some sort of tension between B A and T V 12, but you played in Tampa.

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