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  • going back to 2014.

  • No team ranked lower than sixth in these second to last rankings and ultimate rankings, if you will, made to jump into the top four in the final poll released.

  • So those are the pieces of information that we have.

  • Let's figure out what they mean.

  • Paul Finebaum is here.

  • Heather is ready to go is well on Heather.

  • I will start with you.

  • In your view, What was the most important thing that came out of last night's rankings?

  • Well, the most important thing was that Florida Onley dropped one spot, and I say that was important because they're still in the conversation.

  • And I was shocked by that because they had a bad loss toe l s U.

  • But the reason that committee did that, according to C F P Chair Gary Barta, is because they didn't wanna put them below Georgia because of the head to head.

  • And at this point, it is this simple.

  • They think Florida is better than Cincinnati in spite of two losses Now, I would not pick Florida to beat Alabama, and I don't think anybody on this panel probably would.

  • But the fact that they're still sitting there doesn't completely eliminate them from the conversation should they do that.

  • But in fact, let's go directly to it.

  • Paul Finebaum If Florida pulls off what would be admittedly a massive upset on Saturday, but it could happen beating Alabama, do you believe they would make the playoff and do you believe they would deserve it if they did?

  • I don't think they will greedy because they still have Texas A and M to deal with.

  • And why is that important?

  • Texas A and M beat Florida head to head just like Heather said.

  • In terms of the Florida Georgia conundrum, Florida has an issue with A and M.

  • The difference would be they would have a conference championship and they would have a win over the number one team in the country, the same team that beat Texas A and M by 28 points.

  • But it's pretty obvious this committee follows the rule of the eye test.

  • They like what they see with Florida.

  • They don't pay much attention to metrics in spite of what the committee chairman tells us every Tuesday night.

  • So Desmond, let me come to you then, on a pretty general questions we look outside the top four, which of the teams that are not currently in that top four do you think has the best chance of getting in on Sunday?

  • I think the team that should have the best chance would be the team that no one's talking about this Texas A and M.

  • But they're sitting there still at number five, and people aren't really giving them.

  • They're just do I don't understand why.

  • You know, you hear some arguments saying, Well, you know, they played Alabama once.

  • Do you really want to see that again?

  • That shouldn't even factor into the equation.

  • If you think by their resume, they deserve to be a top 14.

  • But I tell you what greeny and Paul you can.

  • You can echo the sentiments.

  • It seems as though the C F P loves the SEC because, like Heather said, that was just mind blowing that Florida Kalou's toe, one of the worst teams in the conference who's having an awful year at home.

  • And then Onley dropped one slot down.

  • You're talking about four teams from the SEC in the top 10, 204 teams got two losses.

  • Florida sitting there with the ugliest loss of a mall, and they only drop one slot down.

  • That just blew my mind.

  • And then you sit there and listen to Gary Barter and Poor Reece Davis and risk, you know, shout out Reese.

  • He just turned, you know, Double Nickels had a happy birthday, but he's asking this gentleman questions and he's not giving them any straight answers is like I'm like on a text reads like, Hey, Reese, ask him, Where was he born?

  • I bet you give you the runaround, you know, so poor recent doing the best job you can.

  • But Martin is not giving us any straight answers.

  • May I tell you what I know?

  • Greeny.

  • You love chaos.

  • There's gonna be some chaos after Saturday's games, I guarantee you that.

  • Let's find out what we think that might be.

  • Heather.

  • I watch.

  • That special is Well, that doesn't talk about last night, not the special.

  • You know, the show where they released these rankings.

  • Everyone seemed to be very upset about Cincinnati.

  • Explain to the audience who isn't following this closely.

  • Why?

  • Everyone feels Cincinnati has such a legitimate right to feel aggrieved.

  • Well, because they're undefeated and they've played eight games and the number of games matters, according to the selection committee chair.

  • Now, that being said, they haven't played since November 21st.

  • I did think it was interesting that I asked Gary Barta what?

  • Besides Cincinnati?

  • Strength of schedule is weighing it down and he said, because they haven't played since November 21st, they actually went back and looked at the game film against UCF.

  • He told me they struggled a little bit in that game.

  • They had to come from behind and again.

  • As I said before, they think Florida is a better team, all back to the eye test.

  • And so, Paul, let me finish it up for now with you on this, and we'll have much more on this as we go.

  • But if the favorites in three games were to win over the weekend, which would be Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State, then there really would be no chaos, right?

  • Is it a simple A saying if those three teams, when we know the four teams they're getting in right now, is that right?

  • That is correct, and by the way I've been thinking about I think the committee may be smarter than we think they are that I think Florida is a ruse.

  • Why a week ago were screaming and hollering about?

  • There's Ohio State belong in the C F P, and nobody's even mentioning that any longer.

  • It's all about Florida team that probably has absolutely no chance of beating Alabama.

  • So, greenie, you're right on.

  • Let's hope that there's chaos is, Desmond says.

  • But more than likely, Sunday will be a very boring day.

  • Yeah, I root for chaos.

  • We'll see if we wind up getting it.

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going back to 2014.

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