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  • Now there's continued pessimism that a deal could be reached between the UK and you Brexit negotiators on future trading arrangements before tomorrow's deadline.

  • British government source said tonight that as things stand, the offer on the table from the European Union remains unacceptable.

  • It comes as a former conservative defense minister said the government's decision to put the Royal Navy on standby to protect British fishing waters in the event of a no deal Brexit is undignified and irresponsible is our political correspondent in Watson in Brussels, the briefest of glimpses of the U.

  • K's chief negotiator.

  • He's locked in talks behind closed doors with his EU counterparts to see if a deal is possible in the next 24 hours, but indications tonight not positive, a government source told the BBC.

  • Talks are continuing overnight, but as things stand, the offer on the table from the U remains unacceptable.

  • So the mood around the talks, like the weather, is rather gloomy.

  • In fact, the only agreement that might be reached this weekend between Downing Street and the You is to halt the negotiations had moved towards no deal, Downing Street says.

  • To reach agreement, the you must recognize that the UK is now a sovereign nation.

  • Theresa May's de facto deputy when she was prime minister, is urging both sides to focus on avoiding no deal.

  • We're coming to the last NA kings now, so obviously it's getting very tense and quite emotional.

  • I would advise both sides to keep talking up too, if necessary beyond theme the final hour.

  • Because while there's talk, there's hope.

  • Ondas this what no deal with EU would look like?

  • The Ministry of Defense has confirmed that four armed vessels will be ready to patrol UK waters if there's no agreement with Brussels on fishing rights.

  • But the Scottish government doesn't want to see the ships off its shores.

  • This UK government gunboat diplomacy isn't welcome in Scottish waters.

  • No, be well protect our specialties where necessary.

  • Police Scotland Marine Scotland have primacy to do that.

  • But we won't do that by threatening our allies or NATO allies.

  • In fact, our friends, our neighbors, Brexit deadlines have come and gone before.

  • But this weekend's talks in Brussels could finally answer the question deal or no deal in Watson BBC News Let's get the very latest from our Europe correspondent Gavin Lee, who is in Brussels, Gavin.

  • Pretty glum on this side of the channel.

  • Are they equally as pessimistic where you are?

  • We'll climb from the conversations we've had in Brussels today.

  • A sense of optimism that there will be a trade deal is in short supply, and one European Council official told me that this should be called no deal.

  • Ive just mean that gives you a sense of how bleak some are about the chances.

  • But these are the people in the room right now, and we're told that those talks are still going on into the night.

  • The two chief negotiators have left, but other negotiators are still going through, and they will continue tomorrow as well.

  • Now on that issue as well.

  • That emerged today confirmed by the Ministry of Defense that there will be those four patrol boats, the Navy boats available in the channel it's met.

  • They met with some European reacts, including by the French press suggesting it's saber rattling.

  • But the police say a source that the French government today saying effectively shrugging it off, saying that they will keep calm and carry on 24 hours to go.

  • This is a self imposed deadline.

  • Remember, they could carry on, but we may see tomorrow on end to these talks.

  • Okay, Gavin, thank you.

  • Having me there in Brussels.

  • Now, regardless of whether or not a Brexit trade deal is agreed from January, the first British citizens visiting any EU country a zealous Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will face new restrictions, including on receiving medical treatment with more.

  • Here's our consumer affairs correspondent, Sara Coca.

  • Mhm with the promise of Mediterranean sunshine.

  • Spain and France have bean the top destinations for millions of British holidaymakers for decades.

  • But from January, the rules on traveling to the you will change.

  • That's thrown up lots of questions, actually, by 100 if you're a tourist, you won't need a visa to travel to most EU countries.

  • But there are limits on how long you can go for you'll be able to stay for up to 90 days in any rolling six month period.

  • But it does all add up.

  • So a summer holiday in Greece, followed by an autumn half term break in France, will count towards your 90 day limit.

  • You can still use this.

  • Your current passport is valid as long as it's less than 10 years old and has six months left before it runs out.

  • Travelers are also asking if it will cost Mawr Thio use mobiles free roaming in the EU will officially end.

  • The good news is that the sort of the noise being made from the top four providers is that they won't be imposing huge roaming charges.

  • But I would always suggest you check with your provider before you go on.

  • What about health insurance?

  • Free medical treatment in the U won't be guaranteed from the first of January.

  • Travelers can no longer rely on the European health insurance card, which will make it Mawr important than ever that they have full travel insurance when they venture to the EU and beyond.

  • How will people be able to take their pets on holiday from 2021 you pet passports will no longer be valid.

  • The government has applied for Great Britain to join a short list of countries where cats, dogs and ferrets enter the EU in a similar way to now.

  • But if the UK doesn't make that list, then the rules get more complicated and you may need to get a certificate from the vet.

  • So when beach holidays air back in 2021 British tourists will need to make sure they aren't tripped up by the new rules.

  • Sarah Corker, BBC News.

Now there's continued pessimism that a deal could be reached between the UK and you Brexit negotiators on future trading arrangements before tomorrow's deadline.

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Plan to deploy Royal Navy to UK fishing waters “irresponsible and “undignified” - BBC News

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